10 Living Room Sofas and Couches in 2018

Hendricks 3 seater sofa available in emerald green

There is not a lot of time when you get to relax at home. So when you do, make sure that you are relaxing in the best way possible. This is where the sofa becomes very important. The right sofa provides the right kind of comfort which in turn makes one relax properly. The market however is full of several varieties and kinds of sofa sets and it is quite a task to choose the right one for you. Here in this article we will be telling you about the best of living room sofa that you can get your hands upon. They have some of the best of furniture design and will make your spending worth it with the looks and comfort of the sofa.

The best of living room sofa

  1. Morten two-seater sofa in the color Flavio grey:
    Morten two-seater sofa in the color Flavio grey
    This sofa is simplicity redefined and also provides a great deal of comfort for the customer. With the base made from oak it is pretty firm and strong as a unit. Since the cushions are fixed they do not require any plumping to get the best comfort out of them. The delivery of this sofa set is such that they assemble everything for you. The price of this sofa set is also on the affordable side and altogether it makes for a combination that you hardly can refuse when it comes to buying living room sofa.
  2. Three-seater sofa in Kota Orange fabric:
    Three-seater sofa in Kota Orange fabric
    Since the making of this sofa is from eucalyptus and plywood you can be certain of a firm structure. The backside of the sofa can be flipped all the way down and this makes it like a make shift bed for two. The combination is ruling furniture design because of its space saving mechanism and its effectiveness. Since space saving has featured high on the priorities of the sofa makers this sofa lacks a hand rest and that might be disliked by some. But overall it is a good product particularly suited to short living spaces.
  3. Ypperlig by IKEA; Grasbo blue and black two-seater sofa set:
    Ypperlig by IKEA
    It is hard to keep out IKEA when it comes to furniture. This product gives you the best value for money that you can ask for especially from a brand like IKEA. There is a zipper on the cover of the sofa which makes the cleaning process a lot easier in comparison to other products. The sofa also boasts of a nice aesthetic and is spacious enough to laze around the weekend afternoons. This clearly is a couch to buy in 2018 and we suggest you waste no time in getting these.
  4. Monterosso corner sofa available in oyster grey:
    Monterosso corner sofa available in oyster grey
    This sofa is huge and can have 5 people sit on it. It is the ideal accessory for the big modern home and is a fine product that keeps comfort in mind. The color is such that the stains are well camouflaged. The chrome feet of the sofa lend it a classy look and the low height makes it accessible for all. Overall the makers paid attention to detail and this sofa will not disappoint you as we know from its customer reviews.
  5. Hendricks 3 seater sofa available in emerald green:
    Hendricks 3 seater sofa available in emerald green
    When it comes to selecting a living room sofa, this particular model has been one of the most popular choices made by consumers. The three-seater sofa is spacious enough and also has a broad and comfortable armrest. Apart from relaxing casually you can keep a food tray or a laptop in this space. Here too the frame covers are removable which make it easier to wash and clean. While there are several color options available we strongly recommend emerald green as it brings out the best look of this sofa.
  6. Two-seater sofa ‘Weekender’ by Loaf:
    Two-seater sofa ‘Weekender’ by Loaf
    One of the best things about buying this living room sofa is that it comes with a huge ten years guarantee which is not provided by many of its competitors. The solid oak legs lend it a lot of strength and stability and its weathered finish ensures that this sofa ages gracefully. The high arms and the impeccable design sum up the finish of this sofa and together with the nice colors on offer this sofa is among the favorites and ranks highly in customer reviews.
  7. Slate velvet colored two-seater sofa by Lennox:Slate velvet colored two-seater sofa by Lennox
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    While it may be on the expensive side, the use of one of the finest kinds of velvet makes it so fine and smooth that it is actually worth the buy. It is provided with a deep seat and the wooden legs provide it just the right kind of stability. The options on this sofa are too many for the user. From 42 colors to 6 fabric options this sofa is clearly a product that gives the customer a lot of choice. Do not miss out on such a unique product.
  8. Lyle leather sofa in premium tan:
    Lyle leather sofa in premium tan
    For the price at which you can get this sofa, the quality of leather is as good as it could be. When it comes to comfort this sofa fares reasonably well and is the ideal furniture to have if you have some leisure at hand. The seating area is pretty generous and the legs of the sofa are strong and firm with a nice chrome finish. If you are in a dilemma over which living room sofa to buy this new year, this could be the answer. In terms of quality and comfort we can assure you that it won’t disappoint.

Final words

If you read the entire article you now know the kind of couch to buy in 2018. These sofa sets have been brought to you courtesy their quality and the kind of customer reviews they received. We hope that you will try them out and in case you do we can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

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