Self-Cleaning ‘Ultimate Clean Toilet’ doubles as urinal

With limited space in urban environments, accommodating a urinal and a toilet simultaneously in a public washroom often becomes difficult. Providing an innovative solution to the problem, Italy-based designer Young Sang Eun has come up with a…

Self-Cleaning ‘Ultimate Clean Toilet’

Albatros: Sand yacht for a sustainable sail in the desert

Inspired by one of the most beautiful creations of nature, the bird, industrial designer Julien Misrachi has designed a sand yacht, in a vehicle, that lets you control wind using a sail on the sand. Julien states that simply observing birds reveals an..


Pretty pink – The dream house

If you have that wonder barbie of a baby in your house or that sweetest thing with a small pigtail for a baby girl, try and fit her right into this pink dream house. In the pink of perfection, as Oliver Goldsmith might put it, this house is located…

Pretty pink

A tower that will tower over Mount Everest, or will it?

Mount Everest by far is the highest point on earth. But Mount everest could look dwarfish if this outrageous yet supposedly planet friendly concept sees the light of the day. The Ultima Tower is one grandiose plan of architect Eugene Tsui that aims to…

The Ultima Tower
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