2019 Hyundai Kona Electric Autos Guide

14 best alternative energy vehicles in the market

Public transportation being what it is, you have to rely …

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Renting a Forklift Vs. Purchasing a Forklift Architecture Guide

Benefits of Renting a Forklift Vs. Purchasing a Forklift

As an owner of a warehouse filled with goods, business …

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Faux Leather Jackets for fall 2018 Design Buzz Popular

10 Best Faux Leather Jackets for fall 2018

Fashion occupies an important part in our lives. Even with …

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Architecture Guide

10 Factors to think about when remodeling your kitchen

Thinking of turning your kitchen into a new classy one …

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Sinister offers a clean, classy and comfortable ride Autos Guide

Sinister offers a clean, classy and comfortable ride

Inspired by the early 30’s Ford car, designer Jason Holmes has come up with a unique car design that not just boasts of a clean and classy design but also incorporates modern auto technology, making it an auto icon for custom classic car building….

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Bamboo homes Architecture Guide

Bamboo homes address housing concerns in earthquake-prone Haiti.

The need for housing facilities in Haiti is a serious concern. The deficit in housing facilities existed prior to the 2010 earthquake. The thousands of earthquake-devastated existing houses left many people homeless. Any housing facility in Haiti has.

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Product Design Guide

Design ideas for reading glasses laced with the latest tech

[box_dark]Revolutionize Your Eye Care With Tech-Based Reading Glasses[/box_dark] People across …

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Unique Vintage father's day gift ideas Design Buzz Popular

15 Unique Vintage father’s day gift ideas for your classy dad       

Father’s Day is the one day of the year when …

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Product Design Guide

Five Uses of Barcodes

  Barcodes can be used in a number of different …

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nano-engineered gadgets Design Buzz Popular

15 nano-engineered gadgets to make the trend soon

Nanotechnology or nanotech, the study of the controlling of matter on an atomic and molecular scale, has brought about a revolution in the field of science and technology, for it has the potential to create many new materials and devices with a vast..

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magnetically levitating sofa Design Buzz Popular

Floating in the clouds with the magnetically levitating sofa

Designer: D.K. Wei.

Very much like the Magnetic Floating Bed, the Cloud Sofa is nothing less than a design masterpiece. Designed for ultra comfort and relaxation, the Cloud magnetically levitating sofa is the most amazing sofa concept I’ve ever.

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ECO car Autos Guide

ECO car combines retro design with modern technology for a comfy ride

Combining the old traditions of Laurin and Klement, a pre-war Czech company, with modern technology and system, designer Petr Novague has come up with a car concept that apart from presenting retro design also helps in sustaining the ecology. Hailed..

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