5 innovative toilet-sink combinations

Eco-friendliness has been one of the most sought after approaches in recent times owing to the realization on the environmental impact of human practices. If we give due consideration, we can see that eco-friendly approach can be adopted at home. For example, wastage of resources or the impact of environmental friendly air conditioners cannot be underestimated.

The bathroom is often the room in the house where the most water is wasted. According to statistics, the average household uses 138 gallons per day, with 50% of that being used for hot showers, baths, and toilets. This has led to the development of more efficient toilet technology, such as the SaniCOMPACT toilet, which saves both space and water.

Thus, for those trying to adopt eco-friendly approach at home, various approaches have been designed.


The best way to save water resource is to conserve it. We all know how much water gets wasted on flushing in toilets, during showers and in kitchen sinks. New ideas have come up which combine the utility of these entities. Let us have a look at some of the ideas.

  • Water conserving sink, shower and toilet combo

This design has been developed by Frank Guo, which serves as an effective way for storing hot water. Instead of hopping into shower for taking a cold water bath till water heats up, the storing pot serves as a perfect solution.

Similarly, there is an elegant glass container which stores the water for later purposes. This also lets you know how much water you have stored. This stored water is then used in sinks and for toilet flushing.

1 Eco-bathroom-Water-Saving-Toilet-Concept-

  • Eco-friendly bathroom concept

In this case, the basin is synched with the toilet. On an average, it is estimated that 9 Litres of water is wasted per flush, we can only imagine the amount of water wasted. Michael Passos, a designer, has come up with a water conservation approach centered on this idea of toilet water wastage.

In this case, the water flowing through wash basin is stored in the toilet tank. Whenever you flush, the toilet tank uses the water which it has stored. This stored water from the wash basin is one of the simplest yet highly effective ways of water conservation.


  • Tap and toilet concept

Jang Wooseok has developed a concept wherein the water draining from the tap is collected for flushing. If the water gets drained out, tap water is directly supplied for flushing.


  • Profile Smart 305 model

Developed by Australian manufacturer Caroma, it uses the sink water in flushing while also providing two separate options for flushing. This is one of the most convenient approaches in terms of water conservation.

  • Recycled approach

This approach featured on, employs a simple approach. The sink is housed above flush storage. Any drained water is stored for flushing purposes.

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