Interior Design

Steady and light Cardboard Stool by Erdem Selek

Always searching for a perfect place to place stuff on the go? A stool made of cardboard will fulfill all that’s required. It is light, easy to lug and (in all probability) cheap. Carry it around and you’ll never be bothered about where to sit….

Cardboard Stool by Erdem Selek

Book themed furniture: A cozy tribute to your passion for books

The concept seems to be coming out straight from the pages of a fairy tale book. The book themed furniture from Big Cozy Books is here to transport you into an amazing world of its own where each design pays tribute to your passion for reading and…

Book themed furniture

Kada Stool responds to varied needs of modern life

Inspired by the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, Origami, designer Yves Behar has come up with an innovative piece of furniture that tries to unfold modern lifestyle, which keeps changing day by day, through its simple, flexible and multiple..

Kada Stool

Illuminate house in style with chic Lady Jane Table Lamp Timber

I have come across a wide spectrum of new-generation lamp shades and to me each one seems so distinctive from the other. Take a look at this amazingly sophisticated (perhaps owing to its yellow-brown color combo?) lamp shade from the house of Kevin…

The Lady Jane Table Lamp Timber

Z-tabure cardboard stool folds flat for easy transportation

We have covered a variety of portable furniture in the past, but a seating cannot be as minimal and sustainable as this cardboard stool by Turkish designer Erdem Selek. Dubbed “Z-tabure,” the foldable stool does not require detail cutting, glues..

Z-tabure cardboard stool
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