How to get the best bathroom countertops material

While choosing a countertop for your bathroom, you would be faced with a huge range of materials to choose from. As bathroom countertops do not actually need to be as functional as kitchen countertops, the only considerations buyers need to bear in mind are their aesthetic value, price, compatibility, and maintenance. To help you overcome the dilemma of choosing the best countertop for your bathroom, listed below are a few ideas:


This natural stone is the preferred choice of a major chunk of homeowners. Its beauty and durability and the endless variety of patterns and colors makes it an easy choice. It’s low maintenance (never scrub with a abrasive cleaners, though), humidity and scratch resistant, and its elegance is incomparable, adding to the resale value of your home.

Granite is expensive but may be worth the investment as it lasts a lifetime, but it needs to be sealed every year. However, you can save money by opting for granite tiles or using another homeowner’s project.


Quartz is hardy, beautiful, and abundant, and what’s more, does not require to be sealed, unlike granite. It’s one of the best bathroom countertops material as it is resistant to stains, moisture and bacteria. It has several installation options and a huge variety of patterns and styles. Composed of 90-95% natural quartz, it is durable and striking, easily maintained and is the material of choice if you want specialized edging treatment for your countertop.


Marble usually signifies abundance and class, but improvements in the production process have made it somewhat affordable and accessible to all. White with grey is the most popular color, though there are other variations available as well. It lasts long and can be polished to a high shine or can have a matte finish. As it is porous, it is prone to scratches, etching and stains from acids. Like granite, marble too requires to be sealed from time to time.

Solid surface

Solid surfaces are manufactured from crushed stone and acrylic resin. The patterns are contemporary and subtle and fit in well with modern home décor. Solid surfaces are mold, mildew and stain resistant. These surfaces are non-porous, therefore easy to maintain. But they can be damaged by dropped objects or extremely high heat.


Ceramic tiles are charming and have endless patterns. Glazed tiles are affordable, and moisture, stain, heat and scratch resistant. You need to be careful about grout and cleaning might be a little difficult. If damaged, you need to replace only the damaged tile/s.


Laminates bonded to a plywood base or particle board and printed to look like wood or stone or graphic patterns to match your bathroom walls are affordable, durable and easily cleanable. However, they may lose their shine and look dull with time and if damaged, the whole countertop has to be replaced.

Bathroom countertops add beauty to your bathroom, only when they are durable and water resistant. With the huge variety of materials to choose from, always choose one that matches your budget and promises to serve you for years.

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