Ceiling designs for your home

You will all agree that a lot goes into constructing and then decorating a home of your own. It so happens that people around the world are simply more concerned than ever about not just how big or small their homes are, but also how beautifully decorated they are.

Each and every small detail of your home; be it the nooks, the corners or even the main space is thoroughly taken into account. In addition, of course these small details actually carve the shape of your futuristic vision of your home and of course how well it is going to be received by others.

However, people still tend to pay more attention to the mundane, but forget probably the most important and the largest part of their homes. Yes, you guessed it right; I am indeed talking about the ceiling. Ceiling comprises about 1/6th of the total space of your interiors and yet many just tend to let it be.

Nevertheless, it is time to facelift the ceilings of your home too. So check these out.


Add some comfort and warmth to your ceilings with the exposed beam look. This is the perfect choice for ceilings in spaces, which are casual. Nevertheless, this style will not detract from magnificence.


Add an artistic effect to your ceilings with the coffered style. Made of hardwood, the style involves rectilinear panels overhead and will effectively draw eyes to the it.


The design involves pretty much what the name suggests. It will definitely give an airy feeling to your home and you can also add a dome, an arch and of course a barrel. Nothing will prove to be as dramatic as what this style will lend you.

The most important factor to remember while making a choice is to know what kind of ceiling you have. The shape of your ceiling will actually foretell what kind of style you can or cannot choose.

Nevertheless, apart from false ceilings, you can always choose to decorate your ceiling with other designs. For one, you can consider:


The best part of choosing this design is it will add a certain tone of warmth at your home and yet will make you blissfully unaware of it.

Applying paints

Yep, nothing works like colors for beautification of your ceilings. The costs might come down dramatically and above all, you can color coordinate with the colors of your furniture, your walls, your drapes, your curtains and well, you get my flow.

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