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Creative ideas for using red wine corks

Ever had an idea that corks could be utilzed to furnish one’s whole house? Here are some creative and interesting creations to help you in having nature friendly furniture.

Now pop those wine corks… as remembrance of your special occasions…

using red wine corks

Desile chair folds flat into a 20mm thick sheet

With modern spaces shrinking day by day, folding and portable furniture are becoming an integral part of the modern lifestyle. Designed by Christian Desile, the “Desile” is a folding chair that unfolds to provide instant seating to the users….

Desile chair

Floating in the clouds with the magnetically levitating sofa

Designer: D.K. Wei.

Very much like the Magnetic Floating Bed, the Cloud Sofa is nothing less than a design masterpiece. Designed for ultra comfort and relaxation, the Cloud magnetically levitating sofa is the most amazing sofa concept I’ve ever.

magnetically levitating sofa
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