Product Design Guide

Bring in the Root Furniture: Down-to-earth home decor

There is something about nature, something truly ethereal that you cannot deny. From the chirping birds to the green foliage, even the barren-looking roots have a language of their own that speak to your sensibilities and convince you to make them…

Root Furniture

Vessel 3-in-1 jacket turns into a backpack and a tent

We have seen some of the most functional trekking accessories in the past, but the “Vessel” raising the bar for value-for-money goods sits atop all. Designed by Justin Gargasz, the Vessel is a 3-in-1 jacket that becomes a bag and a tent. Users may..

Vessel 3-in-1 jacket

Powerleap Playground: Played by you, powered by you!

Designer: Wendy Uhlman.

The Powerleap Playground is one neat concept that will harness the kinetic energy from children’s movements and convert it into electricity to power the playground. The unused electricity can be further used to power the..

Powerleap Playground
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