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Stay cozy in your Cocoon

Do you fear cold? Now just relax when Cocoon is there to keep you warm even in extreme conditions and environments. It can be hung off a tree or anywhere you want it to be. Its warming colors and materials inside help to fight and keep the cold off..

Stay cozy in your Cocoon

Da-Bloom: Design your furniture as you like

Flexible or multifunctional objects have always been appreciated and remain a hot favorite among customers. Da-Bloom, which resembles a blooming flower in motion, is a similar utility furniture that not just allows flexibility to room adjustments but…


Maglev Washing Machine is a green orb of cleanliness

Designed by Jakub Lekes, the “Maglev Washing Machine” is a radical washing machine devised to improve the effectiveness of the washing process while reducing the consumption of water and washing powder. Replacing the cylindrical drum, revolving…

Maglev Washing Machine

Avant-garde ‘Hybrid’ city bike for trendy bikers

Breaking away from traditional bicycles, Italian designer Peter Dudas has come up with a hybrid bike that presents a simple, but at the same time exotic, design to stimulate your imagination. Amalgamating the latest bicycle materials with high…

Avant-garde ‘Hybrid’

VOSS H2O +O2 Bottle stabilizes oxygen in your drinking water

The human body requires two basic resources, water and oxygen. Studies have shown that oxygen is extremely beneficial for our body. Combine VOSS’s pure water with an oxygen dispensing aerosol, designer Jonathan Pearson has popped up with a hygienic…

VOSS H2O +O2 Bottle

Compact Kitchen by Boxetti adds fun and style to cooking

If the 15 space-saving kitchens were not sufficient to add spice to your life, Boxetti has popped up another cool compact kitchen that can be configured to suit your space. Touting functionality and modern technology, together with contemporary…

Compact Kitchen by Boxetti
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