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DEDON’s Yin Yang lounger for the aesthetically inclined

Chinese philosophy has the concept of Yin and Yang — “two opposite yet the same time complementary forces,” united, yet at the same time opposing and fighting each other all the time (one is reminded of the male-female relationship). Now, DEDON…

DEDON's Yin Yang lounger

Light for hands and the ingenious Good Afternoon clock

Revealed at SaloneSatellite in Milan, the Good Afternoon clock by Japan’s Mile Project is a simple but at the same time revolutionary timepiece that promises food for your thoughts. Employing thin rays of light, sneaking through small slits in the…

Good Afternoon clock

Traditional Mobile Dining for urban apartments

Keeping to the Japanese tradition, Nobuhiro Teshima designed a low-height, highly portable dining table that allows floor dining. This exclusive piece of furniture called “Mobile Dining” is ideal for cramped apartments. It is fitted inside a…

Traditional Mobile Dining

Eco Box tent provides instant shelter in calamities

With drastic changes in climate, disasters (natural or manmade) are becoming the order of the day in all parts of the world, calling for more extensive precautionary measures to battle the crunch situations. Addressing the issue, Turkish designer Can…

Eco Box tent

Dining Table with built-in induction cooktop

If Asians are proud of their rich tea serving customs, the Western world makes it up with their modern trends in cooking and dining. Blending the features of Korean folded low-table with the Western dining table, designer Joongho Choi has come up…

Dining Table with built-in induction cooktop

A concept toilet that helps you physically all the while

A public restroom toilet is commonly perceived as unsanitary and uncomfortable, but this innovative toilet design by designer Nelson Ayala, in collaboration with Ana Maria Gordillo, looks to change the negative perceptions associated with a public…

A concept toilet
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