Dining Table with built-in induction cooktop

Dining Table with built-in induction cooktop

With each passing day, we are seeing new technological innovations. Moreover, as we are progressing towards a highly modernized future, technology is also advancing at an accelerated pace. However, this puts considerable pressure on those who like to keep themselves updated with the latest gadgets. Nevertheless, there are certain gadgets that never really grow old. These are the one that is utility oriented. Kitchen gadgets come in this category. No wonder, gadgets like ‘Dining Table with induction cooktop’ are still popular despite being there for more than a decade.

Dining Table with built-in induction cooktop

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If Asians are proud of their rich tea serving customs, the Western world makes it up with their modern trends in cooking and dining. Blending the features of Korean folded low-table with the Western dining table, designer Joongho Choi has come up with a unique table that seems to bring the East and the West closer to each other. Finished with plastic, the hybrid dining table is not only lightweight and stylish, but also comes incorporated with an induction cooktop to boil or heat tea and other foodstuff. After you done with heating or boiling, you may cover the cooktop with the dish and decorate it with flowers, fruit or even a piece of art to serve the tea or stews to your guests.

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Via: Joonghochoi

Some more futuristic kitchen gadgets

1. Garden Pod:

Garden Pod

Garden Pod is a modular sustainable house that works with the energy derived by the use of natural resources. It is space-saving, as you can place the gadget outside the building. The gadget works on the energy derived from common organic waste generated in our house every day. The gadget features a container to hold organic waste materials. Over time, this organic waste converts into compost. This compost, along with sunlight and water, is used to grow non-biotic sprouts that turn into fresh vegetables with a day. The water required for plant growth that we could obtain from air moisture, precipitations and water wasted by air conditioners. Thus, the green POD is the ultimate solution for problems, such as lack of green spaces, overpopulated cities, and food shortage.

2. Izotz:


Izotz is a unique and ecological food storage system, which also is capable to grow food. Designed by Iker Legarda Gabiria, it is based on the eco-friendly vacuum technology. The system is designed such that it keeps leftover food fresh and undamaged by covering the food with a biopolymer spray for longer use. The spray keeps the food free from foul smell and makes it possible to peel the food and reuse it. Thus, you would be enjoy healthy and fresh food, safe from harmful chemicals and pollution, at home in the near future.

3. U- Bubble:

U- Bubble

Have you ever imagined yourself in a bubble land full of pretty bubbles that has your favorite chocolates within? A creative invention of Chengyin Zhang from China, the U-Bubble free-floating refrigerator is actually designed to create free-floating refrigerated bubbles that would hover around your kitchen to keep you updated about your kitchen supplies. The bubbles might carry different sorts of things like vegetables and fruits and use magnetic energy for the same. Made up of a transparent film, the bubbles act like an interface and get charged by tapping themselves against charger fixed inside the ceiling.

4. Cooreeater:

“the Cooreater

For those who want to enjoy music while cooking, here is an all-new concept, “the Cooreater,” designed to transform your cooking stove into a complete entertainment hub. It will rejuvenate your senses of taste, touch and snoop, and make it possible for you to create your own personalized music from the ingredients that you use for preparing your meals. With the Cooreater, you can have a video conversation with your loved ones and share your recipes and dishes with them.

5. Yura


It is a flying bartender concept that follows your voice commands to make custom cocktails and mock tails. The smart cartridge cools or heats the drink as per your needs. The smart brain of the device will let you know the calories, fats, proteins present in the drink that you order it to make.

6. Grow your own proteins

Grow your own proteins_1

It is a mini kitchen station that enables you to grow spirulina algae that is one of the richest protein sources. The concept consists of a harvesting tank, algae drier, tools and utensils to process the algae, and a 3D food printer.

7. OXO Good Grips Corn Stripper

OXO Good Grips Corn Stripper

Corn stripping is one of the toughest tasks to perform, as it is too hard to take corns out with bare hand, and it takes hell lot of time to achieve the same. However, this problem has a very good solution, the OXO Good Grips Corn Stripper. The gadget effortlessly removes corn from the cob, and you get corn easily and within no time ready for dishes you want. All the corn that gets stripped gets collected in the container attached to the gadget.

8. Joie Tomato Slicer & Knife

Joie Tomato Slicer & Knife

Many of the homemakers find it difficult to slice tomatoes, as they are too soft and slimy. The Joie Tomato Slicer and Knife is an ideal solution that cuts tomatoes easily. The gadget holds the tomato, which you can cut with single hand with utmost ease that is just not possible otherwise.

9. Citrus Knife Colori

Citrus Knife Colori 2

Yet another food that is very difficult to cut and slice is the citrus fruits like orange. They are also soft and slimy, and are squeezed even if you put a least amount of pressure on them. This gadget, the Citrus Knife Colori is a perfect solution to cut citrus fruits as it comes with a zester, scorer, and non-stick carbon steel blade. Use this gadget and enjoy your citrus fruit eating, and you can also bring in some creativity as well.

10. Zip Zester

Zip Zester

Want to make lemon and potato zest but you fear the amount of mess it creates? Invest in this gadget. The Zip Zester is an ideal gadget that is good to make mouth-watering lemon and potato zest. Its microblades and a big twist blade peel fruits and vegetables in a super nice way, making the dish good to eat and good to look.

11. Digital Mixing Bowl Kitchen Scale

Digital Mixing Bowl Kitchen Scale

The digital mixing bowl gives a mixing bowl and a scale altogether. Plastic mixing bowl slides into scale and the LCD screen displays the content weight.


Kitchen gadgets are designed to make the kitchen work interesting, easy, and time efficient, so that the homemaker or anybody who works in a kitchen likes to work in it.

With a plethora of latest kitchen gadgets on the rise, kitchen activities are no more just work but they have become easy and entertaining activities. As these concepts show, the kitchen is on its way to a futuristic makeover that provides better functions at lower energy costs.

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