DrPrem Jagyasi

ECCO: Zero-Emission Mobile Camper Van

Inspired with the design classics of Airstream or VW camper vans, Ecco, the new generation, camper van seems to be a combination of a microbus, airstream and an EV. It is a wind resistant car, which cuts back its shape whenever required. The…


Bring in the Root Furniture: Down-to-earth home decor

There is something about nature, something truly ethereal that you cannot deny. From the chirping birds to the green foliage, even the barren-looking roots have a language of their own that speak to your sensibilities and convince you to make them…

Root Furniture

Vessel 3-in-1 jacket turns into a backpack and a tent

We have seen some of the most functional trekking accessories in the past, but the “Vessel” raising the bar for value-for-money goods sits atop all. Designed by Justin Gargasz, the Vessel is a 3-in-1 jacket that becomes a bag and a tent. Users may..

Vessel 3-in-1 jacket
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