11 Futuristic skyscraper concepts that inspire and awe

We, humans, have such an obsession with touching the sky that it has become a quote for reaching success. However, in reality, we actually touch the sky only when you reach the summit of a mountain or a skyscraper. As of now, even the tallest of our buildings (Burj Khalifa) is just one-tenth of our tallest mountains (Mount Everest). This, nevertheless, would change in the future. Although it seems humanly possible to build something as tall as Everest, what we have achieved is still a fraction of what some of the futuristic skyscraper concepts state. These weirdest and yet technologically advanced architectural concepts inspire nothing but awe. Let’s take a look at them.

8 Futuristic skyscraper concepts

1. Drone Hive

HadeelAyed Mohammed, YifengZao and Chengda Zhu conceived a skyscraper with a living facade built from a hive of drones. The demand for high-speed drone delivery is on the rise. However, the spread of its popularity among all is facing a legal embargo. There is a high chance that New York’s drones swarming in millions and clustering horizontally around this tall structure. In addition, it would be a monument animated with a perpetual hum as the vehicles arrive and leave the cluster for their regular chores.

2. Data skyscraper sustainable datacentre in Iceland

Iceland has elevated itself to a state of the attractive datacentre. In addition, it is a coveted server location for its stringent data regulations. In fact, it is more or less equidistant from the major European countries and the US. The annual global IP traffic is set to travel through around one billion tetra-bytes by the close of this year. Moreover, there is even a larger space for rising demand for supporting infrastructure. The system will work on the environment-friendly and renewable energy source. However, there is a notion that data centers consume a lot of energy and Iceland’s low temperatures would keep the datacentre efficiently operative.

3. Air monument, Atmosphere database

As an answer to the issue of climate fluctuations, the designers have come out with a bizarre and yet unique idea. It is to let the skyscrapers be borne aloft and stay floating amid clouds. This will enable the centers for the collection of atmospheric samples directly from the clouds to study and interpret the climatic conditions and changes for the future. The building eventually turns into a massive data archive up in the air monitoring greenhouse gases and atmospheric alterations.

4. Himalaya water tower

Construction of a water tower up in the Himalayas has its merits. During the monsoon rains, the long pipes will collect water and conserve in a reservoir for future use. This will balance the flow and availability of water throughout the year. This is an immensely user-friendly project. Furthermore, the users, a majority of whom are the farmers, will get their share of water for irrigation.

5. Coal power plant mutation

This building is constructed on the top of factories covering mainly the exit points of effluent gases. In addition, the design concept envisages huge legs projecting out from the base and connecting to the plants’ chimneys. Through these filtered gases are carried upwards through a 1000-meter length to be ultimately released into the air. LED lights installed outside will test the quality and character of air affected by effluent gases.

6. Airport skyscraper

This is really something startling and reminds us indeed we are into the space-age. Airports take care of the landing and takeoff of aircraft. They naturally consume huge land areas for being constructed. So why not build them in the air itself leaving the ground for other modes of transport to ply? However, vertical air buses would make an airport 450 meter up in the air accessible to the ground passengers.

7. Global cooling sky-scraper

Aiming to fight global warming, this unique venture of Paulo Venturella Architecture. Italy would be a fantastic skyscraper extending into space. A unique concept is just unimaginable! Furthermore, the skyscraper will create a barrier between the earth and the sun creating a massive greenhouse. In fact, this will enable the generation of air to cool the earth and provide clean energy.

8. Urban Earth Worm

An amazing green sky-scraper, envisaged by the South Korean designer Lee Seungsoo, this tubular building will clean up the air and soil providing a healthy environment for the urban residents. Just like earthworm helps in tilling the soil, this unique building also holds special sections supporting plant growth and biomass generation for soil replenishment and electricity generation.

9. Barbed-wire skyscraper to unify Korea

pic 1

Ever heard of the idea of unifying Korea by building a barbed-wire skyscraper? Don’t be baffled; simply read on. A two-kilometer stretch of land between North and South Korea, called the Korean de-militarized zone (DMZ), has become home to hundreds of rare species. The DMZ was established in 1950 to avert hostilities between the two nations. In addition, this buffer zone is now a natural habitat to several species and is untouched by human destruction.

The idea of a barbed-wire skyscraper emerged as a means to unify Korea and preserve the natural habitat of the DMZ. The existing barbed-wire that stretches up to 250 kilometers will be used to create a series of skyscrapers. In fact, the structure, which will be an ecological reserve and museum, is expected to attract visitors with outdoor recreational areas and various sports facilities.

10. evolo 09 Skyscraper

evolo 09 skyscraper 02
Designed for the Barcelona Infinity Competition 2009, the “evolo 09 Skyscraper” is a multidimensional organization that provides dynamic forces for social and personal entrepreneurship, ranging from the public use at ground floor to the semi public above and to the residential. Based on the study of the socials aspects of the living and the further expansion of Barcelona, the skyscraper becomes a fluid expansion, so the density of the territory is analogically translated into a vertical structure. Moreover, capturing the dynamics of the site via its system of enclosure fusing into a hyphenated formation, the structure comprises different parameters that develop the grid from the urban field, amplify the urban vectors in a generative vertical shape and define individual units and involve the relationship between interior and the exterior spaces.

11. Pixel Skyscraper

my dream our vision 1
Finalist of the recent contest to design a pavilion for the World Expo 2010, the pixel skyscraper by Singapore-based Design Act is a futuristic yet traditional structure that encourages you to post your dreams. However, hailed as “My Dream, Our Vision,” the digital cloud skyscraper is finished with 3866 cubes of varying opacity and requires visitors to enter a dark underground space with audio feeds alluding to the background services. Furthermore, resembling an illuminated digital cloud hovering over the city, the strategically sloped structure employs natural light to give a clear view of the sights on display to the visitors. The structure not just reinvents the city as a progressive and innovative place, but it will help in reducing the carbon footprints as well.

Final Words

Providing unique dwelling in a greener planet is the main objective of the future builders. Therefore, they are envisaging awe-inspiring designs of skyscrapers to be admired for generations.

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