Timex TX54 disposable nail watch design concept

Timex TX54 disposable nail watch design concept

Innovation is taking technology to a brand new dimension. Not only are we bringing sci-fi concepts to reality, in addition, we are also bringing which even the most creative minds couldn’t imagine. The same goes for watches too. You can’t have time on the tip of your fingers, but with gadgets like Timex TX54 nail watch, you can surely have your watch on your fingertip. Check out this and other innovative watch designs that are taking the watch market by the storm.

Timex TX54 disposable nail watch

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To celebrate its 150th Anniversary and demonstrate an ongoing commitment to design and innovation, international watch brand Timex collaborated with Core77 to carry out a global design competition: Timex2154: THE FUTURE OF TIME that could highlight the state-of-the-art timekeeping pioneered by the company. One of the runners up at the competition, the TX54 concept presents a disposable timepiece that can be worn on the user’s thumbnail making it an invaluable fashion accessory as well.

Thanks to a translucent body, the design blends seamlessly with the nail while a selection of text color options and a glow feature activating on command make it supremely functional as well. A perfect blend of appearance, user interface, and technology, the nail watch passes most standards of modern design with flying colors thanks to its functional and minimalist appeal.
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More innovative watches like nail watch design concept

1. LED Multi Watch

multi watch

The tough competition between analog and digital watches makes people think at least twice what to opt. French designer Patrick came out with his idea of putting a check on this confusion. His multi watch hdesign includes a LED marker that acts as te long hand indicating time from 1 to 12. Unlike other analog watch, this watch is not circular. Number one to twelve are in a line with number 12 at the last. However, the reading of time is just like another analog watches.

Secondly, this watch also displays the time in numbers just like a digital watch. Further, there are also graphics inside the watch that make it trendy. This watch also displays days and months.

2. The Picto Watch

The Picto Watch

The Picto Watch by Rosndal, priced at 115.83 pounds, is undoubtedly a picture of time. The graphic lines of Pictor are minimalist and clean and present a soothing picture of time unlike other watches. Furthermore, the technical design of Picto is distinct and makes it very different for a wristwatch. The hour is indicated on the rotating dial by a dot. On the other hand, the conventional hand represents the minutes. Picto is essentially the first watch made on the rotating disk principle.

3. Saturn

Saturn Watch

Priced at 179 Euros, the Saturn is a watch by ZIIRO. The idea behind the watch was to create it without the conventional markings or hands, rather a changing design of patterns that indicate time. It is a minimalistic watch and is very stylish on the wrist.

4. Manhattan

Manhattan Watch by SPGBK

Available for $79.99, the Manhattan by SPGBK is unique and creative. It is very lightweight, but has thickness to make an impact. The Manhattan Wood Watch is fun and creative, as it is crafted out of wood and has a very soothing appeal. The colour is natural and therefore the watch goes with almost any type of outfit.

5. Cling

Cling Watch

Cling by von Michael Remerich is a very attractive timepiece. Featuring the dial made out of pressed aluminium, the watch is carved out of a combination of polyurethane and aluminium.

6. 3012 Watch

3012 Watch_1

Designed by Mats Lonngren, a Finnish designer, for Hyggee, the 3012 Series has two rotating disks that replace the conventional hands. The top disk that is smaller marks the minutes, whereas the bottom large disk denotes the hands.This watch is priced at 159 pounds and is a hit with men.

7. MY03

MY03 watch

The MY03 by Michael Young should not be mixed up with new radio telescope dishes for SETI. The ODM Hacher Watcher has form fitted graphics and is a very chic and amazing timepiece.

8. Wrist Watch Concept

Designed by Gregor Andoni, this LED wrist watch concept comes with an outer case made of stainless steel as well as a brown leather strap. Combining function with perfect form and entertainment, this ultra-stylish time piece also features a storage capacity of 6GB, a headphone plug jack and Bluetooth connection.

Other impressive features include a removable display that also doubles as a MP3 player or mini USB for photos and songs. A sliding track located at the back of the watch helps the display slide out without any issue. A metal piece at the bottom of the display also allows you to attach the display to your arm band or pocket when outdoors.

9. Minimal Binary LED Concept Watch

Designed by Scheffer Laszlo, the Minimal Binary LED concept watch comes with a binary hybrid LED which shows the time in a binary format via three columns. The first column indicates hours while the second and third columns indicate the ten minutes and single minutes respectively. The concept watch is a great gift choice for tech geeks, especially those who love to play with binary numbers and have no issues in reading them.

10. Fashionable Stairs LED Concept Watch

Designed specifically for women, the Fashionable Stairs LED concept watch is inspired by the design of stairs and resembles a bracelet more than a watch. The time is displayed via triangle LEDS that give the watch a more stylish look.

Although the LEDs may look a bit cryptic at first, a few glances at your watch and you will be telling the time with ease. Other impressive features of the watch include alarm, animation modes and an adjustable stainless steel strap.

11. Futuristic Volt LED Concept Watch

Designed by Samuel Jerichow, the Volt LED concept watch features a design that looks more like a robot shooting out laser beams. The display features an LED array that comes with cool animation features and themes. The time is displayed in numbers resembling an alien style crafted out of 3×5 pixel numbers that have been modified in a simple way to cater to the watch’s ultra-stylish look.

12. Abyss Mirror and LED Concept Watch

Designed by TokyoFlash, this concept watch takes its design from the reflective property of mirrors. Using the principle of endless reflection of light between two shiny surfaces, the watch features a mirror dial on top of which 60 small LEDs are arranged.

A glass crystal is arranged on top of the LEDs. The glass crystal doubles as a smoked one way mirror that faces the dial. When turned on, the LED lights create an endless tunnel of reflective light. While one LED will indicate the hour, two LEDs will indicate the minutes and three LEDs will indicate the seconds.

13. Futuristic VEIN Concept Watch

Taking its design inspiration from an LED watch created by Samuel Jerichow, the futuristic VEIN concept watch comes with an analog display featuring 4 digits. Like an analog watch, the watch features numbers from 1 to 9. However, the number 0 replaces the 12h position, thus reducing the need for numbers 10 and 11. The vein, in turn, branches up into 4 capillaries from where it starts at the top left corner of the display to reveal the time in hours and minutes, thus creating a rather fascinating display of time which is quite easy to read as well. 

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