Painting Living Room Walls

Making good choices about the interiors of your dream home is nothing short of a full time job. This is especially important and applicable in case of the paints that you choose for your walls. After all, a lot can actually be said by the kind of colors you choose to paint your walls with.

Nevertheless, in order to strike the correct chords of impression, it is rather important that you paint your living room the correct way. This is the place where you will receive guests through the doorway. In addition, just like eyes and the color of our eyes help us to enter another person’s soul; the color of your living room walls will determine what kind of a personality you are and based on that people will draw their conclusions.

Factors that should be focused upon

It is brilliant that you have unique ideas about what your room is going to look like.  However, it never hurts to remember some of the most subtle and important points about painting your room right.

The first factor would be to appraise what proportions make up your room. It is rather important to choose a color according to the size as there is a good chance that you paint might either make hearts flutter or make someone feel as if the world is closing in or crashing down around you.

Bottom line is; if you have large spaces, paint away with dark tones and colors of a very deep hue. In case the space is not too big, it is advised that you choose lighter shades of paint.

Nonetheless, it is never too late to mix and match, even with your living room paints. So go ahead and balance between both dark and light shades, alternately or whatever works. For expert’s advice on the ideal color for your home, visit Newline Painting for a complimentary consultation. They provide top-notch house painting in Melbourne and other areas across Australia.

Other Important Points

Make sure that you choose the color by examining it during the daylight and then in artificial lights. Unless the color suits both themes of lighting, do not choose it.

The color will all slightly vary in the shade card and when applied on the wall. Determine to mix them in correct proportions and well.

Choosing paint also depends upon what kind of furniture you have decked in the room. Make sure that the color blends well with the color of your furniture and the drapes and curtains and whatever else you have in the living room.

Ideally, you should choose light shades to go with dark colored furniture and vice versa.

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