Unique doorbells for your amusement

Do you want to impress your friends from the very moment that they step at your doorstep? This is going to be very easy for you with the different creative door bells that you can buy online.

The Enterbell:

Computer geeks are absolutely going to love this one! This particular door bell looks like the enter key from your keyboard making it one of the wackiest doorbell designs. Designer Lil Jayne indeed did a great job at this one!

The Piano Doorbell:

Waiting at the door, even if it is for ten seconds is always excruciatingly boring. Now give your guest something fun to do while they wait for you to open the door with the Piano Doorbell. This doorbell has a few piano keys which allow the one at the door to create his or her tune. Now with a fun doorbell like the Piano Doorbell your friends are never going to complain about being made to wait at your door while you take your own sweet time to open it.

The LED doorbell:

The LED doorbell is perfect for an uber modern look. This doorbell has a metallic finish and it glows when someone presses it making it one of the most attractive doorbell designs!

The Musical Doorbell:

This doorbell design which is the brain-child of Mike Skene is made up of thirteen hand tuned aluminum chimes that are fitted into a suave looking sycamore frame. The appealing sound that this doorbell produces is definitely more refreshing than the usual boring doorbell sounds.

DIY glass doorbell:

This doorbell is sure to attract the attention of every guest who comes at your door. This door bell is fashioned from wine glasses and is indeed a looker!

Home Visitor Recorder:

The ones who are always finicky about security, are going to love the Home Visitor Recorder that is probably the most advanced doorbell of all times. It keeps an accurate record of all visitors along with their visiting times and the duration of their stay!

The Deer Butt doorbell:

This doorbell is the funniest and the most quirky doorbell design that you will ever come across. A deer’s posterior is probably not the most ideal way to greet your guests but it sure does ensure a hearty laugh!

The Nuclear Doorbell:

The ones who find the usual “ding-dong” sound of the doorbell to be too boring or ordinary for their liking should go for the Nuclear Doorbell that makes the most alarming noises when someone presses it.

The MP3 doorbell, Eyeball doorbell, Bronze Frog doorbell, NES doorbell are some other unique and creative doorbell options that you can choose from to woo your guests.

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