Why Hire a Professional for Your Fencing Installation

Fencing Installation

Whether you need imposing aluminum walls to protect your shop, or a neat and decorative picket fence to define boundaries in your garden, installing fencing can be complicated. From digging post holes to dealing with sloped terrain and excess vegetation growth, fencing installation typically requires a certain level of expertise and knowledge.

In this article, we’ll go through five reasons on why to hire a professional and when DIY fencing is a good idea.

1. Fencing Professionals are More Precise

Digging and positioning your concrete posts must be done accurately to provide your fence with a solid base and keep it upright. Each post needs to be placed at the exact distance from each other and must remain perpendicular or angled as required. If not, you’ll be left with a fence that’s crooked and looks unappealing.

Fencing professionals can accurately measure the distance between posts and make sure they’re correctly positioned. This ensures your fencing installation doesn’t look wonky and won’t lean or wobble in the future.

2. Professionals are Experienced in Fencing Design

A fencing professional’s capabilities go beyond simply knowing how to install a fence. They’re also knowledgeable in fencing materials, styles, and designs. As such, they can advise you on what type of materials and design are best as well as advise you on how to maintain your fence. For example, if you have a farm and need to keep animals in, a fencing professional will probably recommend a robust wire fence i.e. Welded Wire Fence or Hi-Tensile Wire Fence.

3. They’re Properly Equipped to do The Job

From pliers and wire cutters to post hole diggers and post hole bars, fencing installation requires a range of specialised tools. If you’re DIYing without these tools, you will likely struggle to get the job done accurately and promptly. In fact, you probably won’t finish your project in a single day.

Hiring a professional saves you the time to buy the tools yourself.  They’ll arrive with all the tools necessary to get the job done quickly and accurately.

4. They’re Licensed and Insured

We know many opt to hire their handyman neighbour or family member who’s installed a fence or two. While this may save you a few bucks, you’re shooting yourself in the foot if things go south.

A licence doesn’t just prove they have the skills and qualifications to do the job. It also means they should have a work warranty if your installation is full of defects.

Additionally, a licence means the professional is insured in case of any accidents or damages during installation. This protects you in either scenario, where you’ll have to pay for their medical bills or repair costs. For these reasons alone,  it’s well worth getting a professional for fence installation.

5. They’re Time Efficient

When it comes to fence installation, timing is everything. This is especially true if you’re legally obligated to install a fence by a certain date. Fencing professionals are efficient and will install your fence in the time estimate they give you.

Furthermore, if any obstacles do show up, i.e. underground wires, rocks and roots, they’ll be able to handle them quickly with the proper tools. Contrast this to taking the DIY route, you may find yourself continually delaying the project because of these extra issues.

6. A Sturdy Fence Installation Boosts Property Value

Did you know that a  perfectly constructed and installed stone or metal fence provides an ROI of  at least 70%? This is because potential home buyers are always on the lookout for properties that have a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing fence. It significantly accentuates a home’s exterior, making it beautiful and secure.

If you have a leaning fence full of defects, it not only detracts from your home’s aesthetic appeal but also affects property value. This is because buyers know they’ll have to replace the fence sooner or later, and will assume these costs in the negotiation.

Hiring a fencing professional is the only way to ensure your fence is secure and appealing, boosting property value in the long run.

When to DIY your Fencing Installation

While going the professional route is ideal for most homeowners, there are times when you can DIY your own fence installation. Let’s go through times when DIYing is appropriate.

1.    You’re Capable of Installing Your Own Fence

This seems like a no-brainer but there’s a difference from thinking you can install a fence and actually being capable. You should know basic carpentry skills, such as how to use a drill and saw or how to install fencing posts. If you have a decent foundation in carpentry, taking some time to research fencing installation will get you up to speed.

2.    You Have the Right Tools

We’ve mentioned this before, but most fence installations require a multitude of tools to efficiently do the job. If your warehouse is full of these specific tools, you can certainly give it a shot.

3.    You’re on a Very Tight Budget

A fencing installation can set you back thousands in dollars. For example, a 150 linear fence project may cost you anywhere between $1,800 to $5,250. If your budget is very tight and you can’t afford to get a fence installer, DIYing is the only way to go.

Keep in mind that this route will be significantly cheaper, but you may lose money in the long-run if your fence is full of defects. This not only can reduce property value, but you’ll have to make the necessary repairs out of pocket. And if you completely mess up the installation, you’ll have to hire a professional anyway.


So there you have it, the pros and cons of hiring a fencing professional! While there are certainly times when DIYing is appropriate, it’s generally better to hire a professional if you want an efficient and sturdy installation. And although a few thousand dollars for the job can be a hefty price, remember that it pays off in the long run with a boost to property value.

Regardless of what route you choose, always make sure to get the proper permission before installing a fence. Good luck!

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