Vertical garden ideas to accentuate the beauty of your home

Vertical gardens are the latest trend that can turn an area or wall into beautiful artwork. Applying some innovative vertical gardens can give you a green and healthy environment in and around your home or office. Check out some creative vertical gardens ideas to decorate your space.

Garden from plumbing pipes


If you can catch hold of some plumbing or other similar pipes, then you can easily turn them into a vertical garden. Plumbing pipes can hold the soil effectively and thus, can be a good option for a vertical garden. You can use a plastic or metallic pipe as per your convenience or availability. You can get creative with the design of your pipe garden and create an illusion of having trees on your walls. These vertical off-shooting pipes look cool if fixed against boundary walls.

Hydroponics for indoor areas

Hydroponics for indoor areas

While hydroponic systems developed by various firms are available in the market, you can create them on your own at home. You can create hydroponics using simple materials like used bottles. All you need to do is create a hanging structure of bottles that you can place inside your house anywhere you like. Apart from refreshing the environment, vertical hydroponics also gives a wonderful look and feel to your interiors.

Painting of moss and fern

Painting of moss and fern

You will simply fall in love with this 3D painting made using fern and moss. All you need to do is place a wooden frame on your wall and plant the moss within that frame. You are free to show your creativity and come up with a light-dark combination in the form of a picture. Such kind of painting, made of leaves, can give your doorway or balcony a different and attractive appearance.

Picture planter

Picture planter

As the name suggests, picture vertical planter is very easy and interesting to develop. You can use a large picture frame without backup support and frame plants on to it. If you use colorful or flowery plants, they would make your picture planter look unique and wonderful.

Cloth packets

Cloth packets for Vertical garden

This is an easy yet innovative design for a vertical garden. You can use cloth packets of varied sizes and fill them with soil to grow plants. You can easily hide ugly patches on your walls with this creative and beautiful vertical garden. You can hang these cloth packet planters anywhere on the wall and create a unique design with multiple packets.

Vertical gardens can make your home or garden look greener and wonderful. The only need is to try innovative ideas to make your own planters and use them on the walls or hang on the roof.

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