Albatros: Sand yacht for a sustainable sail in the desert


Not only yacht is one of the coolest ways to explore the oceans, but it is also a symbol of luxury. We often dream of possessing one of them. However, now you don’t even need to be living in the ocean to have a yacht. Yachts like Albatros make it possible to explore different other terrains as well. Therefore, these are the perfect vessels to rescue you from the humdrum of the cities and take you far away towards the sweet and lush voices of water or the whispering noise of floating sand. Let’s check them out.

Albatros Sand yacht

albatros 1
Inspired by one of the most beautiful creations of nature, the bird, industrial designer Julien Misrachi has designed a sand yacht, in a vehicle. It lets you control wind using a sail on the sand. Julien states that simply observing birds reveals an incredible control of the winds. It was something that he brought to use in a sand yacht that she calls the Albatros. The wind-powered ride takes inspiration from the natural aerodynamics of birds and their wings. The sail of the Albatros is shaped like inverted wings of a plane. Furthermore, it enhances stability without making the ride too slow.

albatros 2
albatros 3

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Popular yacht designs like Albatros

1. Super Yacht ConceptSuperyacht Concept by Gary John

To take your mind away from the hustle-bustle of city life, Gary John has come up with a Super Yacht Concept. The shape is quite unique and will make people burn with envy.

It has a curvy roof, which is a rare sight when yachts are mentioned. A clear glass wall divides the inside from the outside in a neat manner. Various moods are created with the help of changing shadows throughout the day. This is possible because of the bold body plus the minimalistic designing of roof and hull. The main walkway leads to the lounge area of the yacht, which has been placed at the stern. Cedar wood rules the whole designing, lending it a poised sophistication. The deck also comes caked with burnt cedar and has a chamfer finish.

Need some time to relax, then simply move towards the sunning and lounge deck. Sunbathe or simply soothe those tensed nerves, the lounging area won’t disappoint you at all. It comes complete with plush seating arrangement and a table that seems to rise from the surface of the deck. Feel like taking a dive in the deep ocean? Simply, anchor up the vessel and follow the steps going down the swimming deck for a marvelous experience. Special attention has been paid while designing the handrails as well.

2. Magnitude yacht

magnitude 04

Presenting a unique blend of form and function, US-based designer Lukasz Opalinski teaming up with John Henson of John Henson & Associates has come up with a yacht concept. It would confer an entirely new yachting experience to the sailors.Hailed as “Magnitude,” the 90-meter liner is based on Oceanco’s Y700 hull platform. It would house state-of-the-art technology to hide unpleasant electronic aberrations. Moreover, the aerodynamic body ensures better stability and reduces wind resistance to enhance performance.

Integrating a retractable solar panel on the top deck, which discloses a wide sundeck beneath, to allow a safe and sustainable sail on the waves. Furthermore, the luxury yacht also features a detachable floating island with built-in sea pool. It is a retractable helicopter pad on the upper deck and retractable wing stations for better visibility.

While on the other hand, the interior is characterized by the owner’s duplex suite. It is located just before the bow to allow easy access at both levels. This is further enhanced by a cinema, library, lounge and an office to settle personal business affairs. Powered by two turbo-charged diesel MTU 20V 4000 M73L engines, the Magnitude can reach a top speed of 20 knots with a range of 6,900nm at a cruising speed of 14 knots. Although this is no way near the speed of the fastest yachts, it is still good enough. Including a steel hull for better stability, the yacht also includes aft side panels. These open to offer additional stability with zero speed stabilizers when docked at the yard.

3. MoonSet Yacht

Superyacht Moonset Concept

Joining the league of the luxury yacht we have ‘MoonSet’ next in the row. The concept boat would be mega-yacht based on the LOMOcean design. The design of Moonset is being classed as one of the most radical yacht designs till date. Conceptualized by Earthrace, globally well-known for powerboats, the yacht would measure 148 meters in length.

The top level of the yacht takes you through the entrance hall which goes till the owner’s suite. Here space is provided for meeting/conference hall, art gallery or lounge just amidst the owner’s discreet headquarters and the visitor’s area. The entrance lobby area is at least 84 square meters, allowing two-way entrance from both ends of the passageway. The passageway consists of a huge glass wall and has doors that can maneuver to suit your purpose. The glass doors and walls can be transformed to tint or can be left transparent; depending on your privacy requirements. There are numerous other passageways which lead to other parts of the yacht, such as public areas and other lobbies, hallways including VIP and guest domains.

The owner can directly go to the dock as there is a passage way that leads from the bedroom to the dock. This passage way includes a private kitchen where owner can cook and stock his/her snacks and meals. Floor area dedicated to the owner’s bedroom is approximately 90 square meters and suite extends about 12 meters.

Private lounge is designed to be a bit separated from other public areas. Space dedicated to lounge is about 145 square meters supplemented by adjacent bathroom. It includes facilities like dining area, lounge chairs, bar, dining area, etc. It could be classed under luxury yacht even after using wave piercing trimaran hull form of Earthrace.

4. Sentori 50 L

sentori 50 l 01

Designed by “motion code: blue,” the “Sentori 50 L” is a luxury yacht to sail the passengers on the waves in utmost comfort. Powered by two inboard engines capable of generating 1,800 horsepower, the new yacht features a seating area and a large 8-person dining table on the main deck. As indicated by its name, the ship measures 50 feet (15.3 m) in length and comes with a 16.4-foot (5.0 meter) beam. Mounting a large flat screen television behind the driver’s seat that rises out of a protective cabinet, the vessel also presents a small galley kitchen with wet bar and refrigerator on the flybridge. Featuring large windows to make the most of the natural light during the day, the Sentori 50 L includes a swimming platform that accommodates a small paddling pool for kids, while an electronically retractable sunshade provides shelter during hot summer days.

5. Magma yacht

magma yacht concept 01

Of late, a sea cruise has become an integral part of the modern, or what you call opulent, lifestyle. For it not only gives the affluent an opportunity to flaunt their opulence but also gives vent to their adventurous aspirations. Amalgamating modern aesthetics with the elegance and comfort of the conventional yachts, French designer Sylvian Viau from SVdesign has come up with a mega yacht dubbed “Magma” that features jigsaw-like hull surfacing similar to lava cooling down, giving a strong identity to the yacht. Essentially intended for navigation and exploration, the superyacht also integrates a helipad at the rear. Moreover, the yacht’s mast combines the complete panel of communication antennas, sheltered under a single composite material fairing for a safe and comfortable cruising.

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