13 Hidden android pie features that you might overlook

Special hidden android pie features

The newest Android Pie has some of the best upgrades now. This 9.0 refresgire Android has brought out some new age sleek features like receptive options, AI- based functions and gesture navigation. Android pie’s current version works on Essential phone and pixel device. There are some interesting hidden android pie features that you might overlook.

Google has begun to roll pie over other smart phones too. So before you grab pie, take a look on the exciting features it offers that you probable didn’t know.

Special hidden android pie features that you might overlook:

Special hidden android pie features

  1. New navigation: today most of the Android devices come with three digital buttons located at the bottom of the screen to navigate the surface. But Android Pie has given an option to the users to use only a single button as it enables new gesture navigation. The home button is now an area where the gestures could be used to view the apps, switch between them quickly and allow the app drawer to get opened.
  2. Smarter settings: using Android Pie, your smartphone will learn about the adjustment of the settings like brightness of the display along with the usage of specific apps. The OS will be tuned so that the battery life and the overall performance could be increased. Like, if the Reddit app is used by you for a couple of times in a week, Android Pie will ignore all the resource requests from Reddit, instead it will dedicate the power to your favourite CNET app.
  3. Smarter suggestions for apps: Android Pie will make your android device learn about the actions that you commonly do with any contact or app and will display the shortcuts to carry out the said tasks. Like if you generally call any of your relative at a specific time and on a specific day, the app action will give you a shortcut to dial the same person from the app drawer itself.
  4. Wellbeing features: the smartphone addiction is being tackled by Google using a wellbeing program. It is encouraging you to spend a little time on phone and more time off screen. Being a part of this wellbeing program, this Android Pie has a new dashboard that could break down the app usage habits, number of times for which the phone is being unlocked, and the number of notifications received in a particular day.

The wellbeing feature also includes an app timer that will limit the time of using a particular app and a wind down mode for turning off the interface of the phone into black and white at night. Discouraging colours will prevent you from spending much time on your phone while going to the bed.

Special hidden android pie features

Shush is another feature that activates Do Not Disturb mode if the phone is places against a flat surface with display facing downwards. This will ignore the potential disturbance at family or meeting time.

  1. New tool for screenshots: finally android pie has come with better tools for screenshots. Once you take a screenshot, you will get an option to share or annotate it directly right from the screenshot interface rather than relying on any third party app as it was done in the past.
  2. Digital wellbeing: it is among those hidden android pie features that might overlook. The company has provided some best tricks that will allow the uses to stay off from their devices using Android Pie. The feature of Digital Wellbeing is available on beta version and you will get the access to it by directly installing Android 9.0 OS.
  3. Alert slider: just like onePlus Alert Slider, there are some hidden Android Pie features that you might overlook. There is an option to vibrate or mute the device using physical button. You may also use the phone buttons in 9.0 Pie for slider. An option will appear in the sound settings where the volume as well as the power button could be used together so that the device may vibrate or mute even without getting it turned on.Special hidden android pie features
  4. Emergency Lockdown: it would not be a trouble anymore if you hand over your device to someone to show him something. There is an emergency lockdown feature in the latest Android pie which will disable only the facial recognition and the fingerprint scanner and all types of sensitive information in the lock screen once this feature is turned on by you.
  5. Standby Buckets: standby bucket is an essential feature of Android Pie. This will limit the use of data in the apps running at the background. This feature categorizes all the apps to get accessed by all the resources such as RAM, Battery and CPU. There are 4 categories: Rare, frequent, working set and Active.
  6. App Timer: there is a special option in the Android’s latest update called the App Timer. This will let the users to set the time limit for the usage of your device. Through digital well- being, the usage of apps will be limited via App Timer and the icons are greyed out of the whole screen for the whole day. You will find this in the settings of Dashboard.
  7. Bluetooth speakers: you may pair your device with 5 Bluetooth speakers at once using Android 9.0 Pie. In case of a phone call, Google will ask any of the devices to route down to the Bluetooth speaker or any paired accessory for audio that could handle calls.
  8. Volume preference: if we talk about Bluetooth, we all had an ear piercing sound when the wireless headphones connected with the audio system of the car blast out at the very moment when connected with the phone. It will not happen anymore as the Android 9.0 Pie feature reminds you about the last volume of your paired device.
    Special hidden android pie features
  9. Shutting off the mobile hotspot: it is a simple and important measure of saving the battery which you probably didn’t know. If the Wi-Fi hotspot is enabled in the Android Pie, its new feature will turn the hot spot off when there are no devices connected to it. It is by default measure. And if you want to disable this feature, you will find this option in the advanced section of hot spot settings.

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