BikeBug lets bikers communicate wirelessly

Bicycles may be the most conventional and sustainable mode of transportation, but lacking modern technology and equipment they often lag behind their motorized counterparts. Adding more flavor and technology to your biking experience, the BikeBug from Continuum is a Bluetooth radio concept that lets cyclists communicate with each other while riding in a group. Composed of two major components; a radio resided in a stretchy, hook-on exoskeleton, and an earpiece or microphone with the volume control mechanism, the BikeBug incorporates an user-friendly technology, which allows wireless communication through a Bluetooth transmitter that connects the earpiece with the radio. The radio works with Family Radio Service frequencies, commonly used in economical handheld radios, for wireless communication. Finally, cyclists have some modern gadget in their hand to brag of.

bikebug 1
bikebug 2
bikebug 3

Via: Tuvie

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