Futuristic medical gadget concepts that show the vast reach of technology

Medical science has taken many steps forward in the last few years, with advances coming at an increasing rate. New medical gadgets can measure a variety of important vitals such as heart rhythms, blood pressure and glucose rate. We’re entering a new phase in the practice of medicine, whether in development or in use below are some of the medical gadgets which you can read about.

Sleep well wireless monitoring device

Sleep well wireless monitoring device

Sleep well is a wireless blood glucose monitoring device concept that will give the sleepless parents a convenient way to measure the glucose level of their kids. All those parents who are deprived of sleep can relax and check their kid’s health without leaving their bed. Parents can keep the portable and lightweight monitor with them and a wearable bracelet monitor fastened on the child’s hand to transmit the health condition to the monitor.

Stork, a Parental Ultrasound Machine

Stork, a Parental Ultrasound Machine 2

Bridge Design, a Bay area firm has kept the expectant parents in mind by adding a second removable screen to the product, this will help the mother to look at the screen without straining her neck. Not yet a product, the Stork has basket like feature which contains cup holders for gel and probe. As compare to present clinical, the Stork’s color and material gives much more soothing birthing experience.

Medical Feather

The Medical Feather is a concept designed by Adrian Borsoi

The Medical Feather is a concept designed by Adrian Borsoi, painless and would take out the fear of needles. With the help of Doppler ultrasound vein is located very easily, a small patch is marked which numbs the spot. After this process the needle is inserted under the patient skin. The Medical Feather gadget is easy to carry and can be fit into IV kit because of it’s size which is of an ear thermometer.

Vitals Monitoring System

Vitals Monitoring System

Vital Monitoring System is a concept bracelet which checks upon the patient’s cardinal signs. Doctor receives the data on blood pressure and pulse the moment the temperature sensor of the system is swiped across the patient’s forehead. The device makes the doctor work more efficient in the situations of emergency.

Philips HeartStart Device

Philips HeartStart Device

Philips HeartStart, can monitor the heart and delivers an electric shock for normal heart pace. The device will help to increase survival outcomes whenever and wherever sudden cardiac arrest occurs and is easy to use.


The advanced technology has helped the patients to take control of their data and health care. These not too far future medical advances will left us wondering that how we ever survived without them.

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