Laser-Cut Paper Lamps confers a neoclassic gaze to your place

paper lamps 1
Blazing the BKLYN Designs show with their glossy and microscopic design, the Laser-Cut Paper Lamps from Brooklyn–based Anne Romme & Fiyel Levent flaunts a unique combination of form and functionality. The inventive lamps not just display some wonderful artistic patterns, but also warm your living space with their mesmerizing radiance. Carved out of a single thick piece of watercolor paper, rolled to create a floor-standing lampshade, the duo has smartly incorporated the modern technology into the classic fabrication techniques. Other than conferring a neoclassic gaze to your living space, the cool-looking lampshades are just right for bars and restaurants as well.

paper lamps 2

Via: Inhabitat/ Gizmodo

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