Review: to create a positive, engaging, gamified online community to boost your brand to create a positive, engaging, gamified online community

Your customers want to know all about you. They want to say something to you, share their experience of your product or brand. Many customers who have been loyal to your brand would like to connect with others. New customers, visitors to your site and your partners will have a platform to put across their ideas through your online community. With, you can give a fun, interesting experience to your users, a vibrant space where they can actively participate. Read on to find out more about

Who is meant for? software

Image Source : is for companies who are building a brand, as well as for established brands who want to start a dialogue with their customers and partners. It is a fun way to keep in touch with brand fans as well as potential customers and make your users feel part of your brand.

Gamified elements

The software has an edge over other community platforms because it has the gamification feature. For example your customers can interact and respond with fun emojis, just in the same way that they are used to interacting on popular social media platforms. This familiarity makes your users feel good and motivates them to keep posting comments.

Mobile-first design and browser friendly

Checking everything on our smartphones is the norm today. Browsing, watching shows and even working through the phone. Having an online community that adapts well to mobile screens will draw more customers and potential customers to your community along and make it accessible anytime, anywhere. Your company would be able to create the image of being customer-friendly at all times, and gain the trust of your customers.

Moderation tools

Anyone who joins your community would want to feel safe in their virtual environment. has many filters and tools that allow you to keep your brand’s community safe from. No one will be able to spam, or post abusive or harmful comments.

With, you can create a community which is respectful towards other members, while having playful interactions. With the Word Filter feature, you can blacklist certain words from the community feed and automatically filter the content. 

Community analytics to build your brand’s online community with exciting gamified experience

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Gauge what keeps your members engaged, who engages most, what are the pre-dominating topics, where your members are located and much more with the Community Analytics feature.

Reward your members

Feeling rewarded is great motivation to keep anyone engaged. Members who are the most engaged make your group active and exciting for other members. Their contribution can be rewarded with Badges that give them a sense of pride to be part of the community.

Members can reach higher levels and ranks with Questlines they cross. lets you give your customers new profile avatars or upgrade their avatars, from time to time, depending on their engagement level.


Polls are one of the major advantages of having an audience in the form of your online community. Your members are acquainted with your brand and are some of the best people to ask about a new product or offering you are coming up with. Their replies can give you a sense of whether your strategy or product would be successful or not.

Pinned posts

You can pin some important posts at the top of the community feed so that it is visible to all the members. 

Hashtags and subforums

With these features, your members can read and engage only in the topics they are interested in.

Plans and pricing Plans and pricing

Image Source : has multiple plans to suit the needs of brands just starting out, to big organizations who want to expand their community. All of the plans have a monthly or annual subscription option and all of them can be tried out for free initially. You can buy a plan after you are convinced about the advantage you get from the software.

The Essential plan is for brands who want to grow a small tight-knit and includes Unlimited members, storage, theme options, community analytics, and Moderation tools, for $19 a month.

The Professional plan gives you all the Essential Plan option, with some extras such as Custom Domain, Custom Branding, 1 integration, 3 Mods and admins and more. This plan is for $79 a month and lets you grow a large open community.

The Premium plan is for $250 and has all the features of the Professional Plan, with Custom Gamification, upto 5 Moderators/admins, upto 3 integrations, and much more.

The Enterprise plan is for those brands who want specific features, more integrations and other custom features.

Building a community for your brand will lead to deeper insights and revenue generation opportunities, and serve as an efficient customer retention tool.

With the Enterprise Plan, you can request custom integrations or specific features to suit your brand’s needs.

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