Trendy AquaMotion Mixer Taps for an elegant looking bathroom

aquamotion mixer tap

Change the look of your bathroom in a dramatic way with the all new AQUAMOTION mixer taps. You may be thinking what’s new in a mixer tap after all? True, mixer taps are available in all the desired sizes and shapes, but they all are the same, merely mixer taps. With AQUAMOTION, you can expect something more. This elegant looking mixer tap will fig out any boring bathroom to your surprise. AQUAMOTION is a beautiful combination of beauty and brain.

The unique rich feature of this tap is that you can modify the temperature by running the water. You have to just turn the knob of the tap and allow the water to run. Along with that, you decide the required temperature by inciting the slide to right or left as per your need. This innovative way of controlling the temperature proves to be more accurate and gives an extra edge to the water utilization. Least to mention, the stunning design also adds an ethereal charm to your bathroom.

Source: JelmerMoorman

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