Tron Legacy bike appears for the eye-delight

tron legacy bike 01

If reel life could be real then you would have been riding this superbike, with the release of the upcoming Tron Legacy film, by the end of the year. Unfortunately, we have to face the real world as soon as we leave the theater and grapple with our badass motorbikes. Though, your young tots might get a chance to ride or play with one of the bikes featured in the movie, as the toymaker Spin Master, who’ve signed the licensing rights to the film, is planning to launch a smaller version of the bikes closer to the release of the movie, which is due on 26 December 2010. Check out more images and video after the jump.

tron legacy bike 07
tron legacy bike 02
tron legacy bike 03
tron legacy bike 04
tron legacy bike 05
tron legacy bike 06
tron legacy bike 08
tron legacy bike 09

Via: Pocket-lint/Gizmodo

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