18 – Amazing minimalist buildings from around the world

Dupli Casa – Germany

The world is choking with overabundance, which does not only disturb the minds that behold it, moreover, it also leads to the wastage of resources. Therefore, it is necessary that we switch to artistic concepts that are able to tackle this menace. However, we should also make sure that these concepts don’t create bland and insipid structures. Keeping all this in mind, the Japanese came up with the concepts of minimalism. It combines many other concepts like sustainability, mindfulness and decluttering and it might the very thing that the modern man is looking for. So let us see how we can use this concept in construction to create minimalist buildings.

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18 – Amazing minimalist buildings from around the world

Minimalistic buildings are unique and stunning. Most structures in the minimalist style are sleek, imaginative and ultra modern using the latest materials and following principles of minimalism. Minimalism, as the name implies is the absence of everything superfluous and stresses on being functional but in the most aesthetically pleasing manner. Therefore, take a look at these fantastic minimalist buildings from all around the world.

1. Donald Judd’s House, New York, USA, 1968

Donald Judd’s House, New York, USA, 1968

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An American sculptor and art critic, he transformed a 5 story garment factory into his gallery and home. The building’s design reflected his art and aesthetic disposition. In addition, his bedroom is a unique mix of oak and white plasterboard which is quite stunning.

2.  Sagaponack House – USA

Situated in New York, the house was developed by Selldorf, who is one of many architects who design minimalist homes in the Long Island area. Moreover, the rooms surround a central courtyard and along the border, marble walkways separate the private and public spaces. Breezeways, glass and terraces impart a wonderful serenity to the home.

3. Okinawa house


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Some Japanese houses mirror the minimalist design style perfectly. Like this home on Okinawa island, which is perched on a cliff, with a magnificent view of the ocean. Furthermore, the home is an experience in visual choreography, acting as a relief for the people who spend the majority of their time in their tiny apartments.

4.  Fastnet House – Ireland

Kinsale is a small town in Ireland with a land-locked natural harbor on the Brandon River estuary. The amazing house has floor-ceiling glazing through which the residents can enjoy the beautiful view of the harbor.

5.  Living Church, Utrecht, Netherlands

Living Church, Utrecht, Netherlands

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Full of natural light, this church is one of the finest examples of modern architecture. It has a stark, minimalist look as the architects used only bare essentials. Sharp lines characterize the open-plan design. In addition, the white, black and silver tones further complement the wide open spaces.

6.  The Therme Vals, Switzerland

The thermal pool cum resort is an exquisite example of architect Zumthor’s use of material and spatial sequencing. All the materials are used for their experiential and sensor abilities. Furthermore, copper details glow between the concrete and elevates the house to a realm above the ordinary.

7.  Curraghbeena RD – Australia

Curraghbeena RD – Australia

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Located in Mosman, New South Wales in Australia, Luigi Rosselli’s designs use solidity and good proportions. This stunning house is one of the best examples of minimalism, where the lines are clean and smooth. Moreover, the exterior is a pristine white which contrasts with the wood used in the interior.

8.  Light grain house

This home for a single family is a wonderful example of minimalist buildings, which is not on a huge scale. The home is lighted up with natural light by windows and holes in the hone’s front. Furthermore, the architects strike a beautiful balance between ventilation, light and space.

9. Neuendorf House, Mallorca, Spain

Neuendorf House, Mallorca, Spain

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The architect John Pawson designed this holiday home. This is one of the minimalist buildings which display the importance of the external environment in the living space as well as the interior. The building is almost harsh, and there are absolutely no adorning features.

10.  Casa das Histórias Paula Rego, Cascais, Portugal

Portuguese architect Souto de Moura won Pritzker Prize and was commended by jury for his unique ability to integrate reality in his imaginative, abstract designs. This building has two chimney-like features, which was built using pigmented concrete. This building is a rare example of a colorful minimalist building.

11.  Dupli Casa – Germany

Dupli Casa – Germany

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J Mayer H Architects designed this home in Ludwigsburg, Germany. It’s an example of minimalist buildings and was built in the same footprint of the house earlier on that site. In addition, the space is connected seamlessly within the existing landscape.

12.  Gandare House

This house, built on a tiny space stands out because of the innovative façade. The house manages to have double space than usual due to its unique design. The use of metals, wood and minimalistic furniture makes the interior amazing as well.

13.  Hariri & Hariri Pool House – USA

Hariri & Hariri Pool House – USA

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Perhaps one of the best minimalist buildings around, the house has won acclaim worldwide. The house is placed upon a platform which is surrounded by a porch, swimming pool, tennis court and terrace.

14.  Conan Play House

Moon Hoon, a South-Korean architect designed this incredible toy house for a young couple and their child. Any kid would be thrilled to live in a home like this one! Situated against the Bangdong lake, the residents can enjoy an unobstructed view of Bangdong lake.

15. Kamakura House – Japan

Kamakura House – Japan

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Kamakura house design mirrors the Japanese belief that nature is most beautiful when in relation to manmade structures. Moreover, similar to other Japanese houses, the home is focused inward and opens up to show a series of amazing views of the surrounding landscape.

16.  The Module House

The Module Grid House, based in Japan’s Kanto exemplifies how modern architecture integrates traditional design to come up with something unique. Tetsuo Yamaji Architects used prefabricated materials to construct the house, and deployed the metric system to work out an efficient and amazing system of edification.

17.  Bruder Klaus Field Chapel, Mechernich

Bruder Klaus Field Chapel, Mechernich

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One of the most famous minimalist buildings, this lovely chapel is designed in honor of the saint Bruder Klaus. Internally, it is a pyramid and made with the 112 tree trunks. Around four concrete layers have been poured and rammed on the structure’s top. After the concrete set, the timber was burnt, which left a charred cavity. The cavity is lit by a small light at the top.

18.  Esher House – Surrey UK

Wilkinson King Architects have won several awards for this home design, including Best Residential Design, Architect of the Year Award 2005, and a host of others. In addition, the building with the crisp, clean lines with no-nonsense attitude has been cited as one of the best minimalist constructions in the world.

The ‘less is more’ fundamental principle of Minimalistic design has been demonstrated perfectly in these buildings. Furthermore, these breathtaking buildings show that the design principle can help integrating modern design with the environment and create beautiful spaces.

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