5 – Advantages of a Product Explainer Video

Product Explainer Video

A product explainer video is an effective way to attract visitors and explain the features and benefits of your product. Forbes Magazine predicts that the current trend of using video for online marketing will continue into the near future and Austin Visuals develops innovative videos to convey your message.

What is a product explainer video?

A short animated explainer video can extend the time a visitor remains on a website. People often spend as little as 10 to 20 seconds before moving on to another website. For effective online marketing, it is essential to grab their attention in about ten seconds to give them a reason to stay. Video animation allows you to convey more information in a short amount of time, compared with text and pictures.

Businesses have tradidtionally used text, audio, and graphics to convey messages to their target audience. These methods are less effective than animation and video. When you use images and video, rather than reading long sections of text, you can set yourself apart from the competition and explain how your product or service is unique and in an engaging way to help keep potentials on your site.

Video can explain your product or service in about a minute or so. There are many options for creating a product explainer video. You can use live actors and props to talk to your audience, animation, or a combination of real people and animation. You can also integrate the Premiere Pro transitions pack for your explainer videos. You can add the best video transitions to make your videos stand out and make them unique and better than everyone else’s.

5 – Benefits of Animation in an Explainer Video

1. Gets the attention:

engages your target audience

Animation cpatures the attention of an audience and engages your target audience. Using animation in product explainer videos adds more interest to the story you are tring to tell and a memorable character will help you audience remember the information presented in your video more easily.

2. Animation creates more positive feelings in viewers:

This format is more often associated with entertainment, rather than marketing in the minds of consumers. As a result, they are less likely to be turned off by marketing messages presented with lively animation compared with a video message from a live action actor selling your product or service.

3. Animation offers a level of flexibility and versatility:


For example, animation provides the ability to visualize any information, even concepts and ideas that are difficult to visualize. Figures, workflow, growth, and other concepts can be conveyed in images making the content easier to understand and demonstate how your product or service is uniquely positioned to solve your potential customers’ problems.

4. Animated characters can be placed in anywhere:

Animated characters can be placed in any situation, location, or historical period, dpeending on your purpose and how you want to present your product to potential customers. Characters can sing, dance, wear costumes, or perform other actions that fit with your storyline and create an interesting message for your product or service.

5. Appeals to the audience:

creative professional

A good qualtiy product explainer video with interesting animation and engaging characters can help appeal to your audience, captivate them, and effectively explain how your product can solve their problems. Choose an explainer video company with expereinced and creative professionals to develop videos that will help you keep visitors on your website and increase conversions and sales.

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