8 Streaming sites that are good alternatives to Netflix


Entertainment forms an important of the current stressful human life. The entertainment industry has kept pace with this development and has come up with several options of late that keep the audience glued. Netflix clearly has been the most popular choice and statistics back this claim since as much as one third of the entire web streaming traffic is concentrated for Netflix. Even despite that, there are other websites that continue to thrive with shows like david harbour movies and tv shows that have their own audience.

Although it ranks among the best streaming sites, it isn’t the most pocket friendly alternative and comes at a price. Here in this article we will tell you about some good alternatives to Netflix where you can enjoy the good quality Web series and movies without worrying too much about the price.

Some good alternatives to Netflix

  1. Amazon Prime video:
    Amazon Prime videoThis is probably the closest competitor of Netflix and is available in as many as 100 countries around the world. Amazon provides a monthly Prime subscription with this service and that makes it easy on the pockets.Surely the content is not as rich as the Netflix but they have enough to keep their subscribers glued. Some of their in house productions have made the list of popular choice like that of Beginning of Everything or Man in the high Castle etc.If you are a user of this streaming website it also allows you a cheaper access to some other streaming services. This service also gives you a music subscription and free delivery and is surely the one to try out if you are looking for good alternatives to Netflix.
  2. Hulu: This is also an US based site just like the Netflix. They offer their users a great access to a large number of movies. They also allow you to have access to a large number of TV shows of famous networks such as the Starz, 21st Century Fox etc.The only drawback for Hulu is that it is not as available all around the world like its competitor Netflix. There are also some amazing original programs that Hulu offers and some of the notable among them are The Path and Difficult people.If you are willing to pay extra they also will allow you a view of the content from the likes of HBO and Cinemax. All of this and the live streaming of TV makes Hulu one of the best streaming sites.
  3. HBO Now:HBO NowWe are ranking this among the good alternatives to Netflix but surely this isn’t among the most inexpensive alternatives because the pocket pinch or $14.99 is surely not cheap. But the advantage of this streaming site is that it allows sneak peek into the wide and popular gallery of HBO.You may have the channel but the access and timing isn’t as per your whims and fancies on TV. Here you have access to some of the most popular shows like the Game of Thrones and Westworld and many others. The added benefit on this is that the cross platform support is amazing and there is no device limit. Surely this is a fine deal for the HBO fans.
  4. Hooq: If you compare the prices, Hooq surely is a much cheaper alternative for Netflix. This is an extremely popular streaming site in India and in some parts of Asia like Thailand and Singapore. It boasts of a vast collection of numerous movies and TV shows and the feather in the hat is the availability of popular DC shows like the Flash, Arrow and the Legends of tomorrow. There is also a commendable Hollywood movie collection which together makes this one of the finest websites to watch quality shows and movies.
  5. Fandor:FandorThis is not recommended for those viewers for whom the Hollywood movies feature high on the watch list. Apart from that Fandor is more like a Soundcloud of video streaming world. It has a huge collection of Indie movies and while the rentals of $10 per month are not exactly cheap you can opt for cheaper yearly rental options. All the movies that are submitted here have to pass the human check and that is definitely an assuring fact. They also boast of an editorial section which has some interesting videos and articles.
  6. Filmstruck: Definitely among the good alternatives to Netflix, Filmstruck has an amazing collection of restored Hollywood and international titles. The library held by this streaming site thus has some of the very rare footages and special features. At $6.99 it is definitely cheaper than many of its counterparts. If old movies are your thing, then do not miss out on a subscription to this fine streaming site.
  7. Hotstar:hotstarThis is a particularly a nice Netflix alternative in India. Apart from filling up the HBO void in India they have several popular serials and TV shows which one can use by simply downloading the app. It also has a good collection of popular movies and some evergreen popular shows like the Friends. To top it all they have live streaming of sports including cricket which is so very popular in India. All this at a mere price tag of 199 rupees per month or about a $3 is definitely deal you shouldn’t miss. This clearly ranks highly among the good alternatives to Netflix, especially in India.
  8. Crackle: This definitely is among the most inexpensive alternatives to Netflix because it is absolutely free. This streaming service ensures that you as a viewer can enjoy some of your favorite movies and TV shows, only on a rotation service. The using process is so simple that you don’t even need a user account to access what is on offer. They also have for you some of their original works and the only possible hindrance is a lot of ads popping up now and then. But you really can’t complain as they are completely free.

Final words

There is too much competition among these companies and that ensures that there is no shortage of websites to watch quality shows. So in case Netflix is not accessible or you find it a bit too expensive, we have just the most inexpensive alternatives. We hope we made your Sundays interesting again. Enjoy the amazing buffet of entertainment on offer and thank us later for these good alternatives to Netflix.

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