Apple fanboys can find more in iPhone inspired objects

Apple is a renowned name in the field of electronics. It is not just a brand but also reflects the class and status. iPhone and Apple lovers can go to any extent to get hold of the objects that resemble their classy gadget. Here we have some crazy designs that have been inspired by Apple or iPhones.

iPhone Jewelry

iPhone Jewelry

iPhone jewelry is an innovative idea to express your love for Apple. For those who cannot afford the original Apple gadgets, they can at least have the feel of the leading mobile phone brand with the iPhone jewelry. iPhone is a unique piece of jewelry, as it will make you feel good about your passion for Apple as well as your crazy looks.

iPhone Wall painting

Wall painting

iPhone lovers can go to any extant to show their love and craziness for the gadget. There are different wall paintings available in the market. They will not only enhance the beauty of your house but will also add it an iPhone look. You can also go for Apple wallpapers with Apple logo print and iPhone design.

Rugs or floorings


The stylish rugs and floorings are becoming popular in modern homes. If you want to add a geeky look to your house, you can go for iPhone shaped and printed rugs. You can choose your favorite Apple model to enhance the beauty of your house.

Coffee or centre table

iPhone coffee table

This amazing iPhone coffee table will make Apple lovers crazy, as they now can replace their designer center table with this geeky table. The surface of the table has been designed like an iPhone screen that creates an illusion of a huge iPhone placed at the center of your living room. Apart from being trendy, the new coffee table also let you enjoy coffee with your family and friends.



You may have tried cup cakes of different flavors, shapes and styles, but here we have unique cupcakes that resemble an iPhone. Each cupcake has an iPhone icon like calendar, calculator, clock, message, and other applications. These creative cupcakes are very yummy that can help you express your love for Apple or iPhone.

Bed sheet and cushions

Bed sheet and cushions  1

If you are already using an iPhone then you will definitely know the screen and applications of that phone. This set of bed sheet and cushions featuring iPhone will literally turn your bed into an iPhone screen.

If you are an iPhone lover then there are different ways to show your love and craziness about the cherished gadget. You can choose between iPhone table, cushion set, and many other things to express your love for Apple gadgets.

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