Beam electronic bracelet allows a sense of security among users

beam 01

Developed for the Braunprize competition, the “Beam” by Mexican designer Rodrigo Guadarrama is a consumer device that includes an electronic bracelet to measure vital signs of the user. Monitoring the health of the patient remotely and in real time, the electronic device ensures an early release of the user from the hospital. In case of emergency, the beam makes use of Bluetooth technology to send alarms, to a computer and then to the cellphone of the relative or doctor, so they could take immediate steps to help the patient. Other than medical assistance, the device concept creates a sense of freedom for users and helps them lead a normal life when away from home or hospital. Worn like a bracelet, the Beam allows a complete sense of security and protection among users.

beam 02
beam 03
beam 04

[Cheers Rodrigo]

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