Behold and be amazed at these unique phone concepts

Owing to the use of the state-of-the-art technology and the superb sense of creativity, some designers manage to think out of the box and come up with unique ideas that are adept at changing our lifestyles. Following are some mobile concepts designed by various designers worldwide and are promising enough to bring a viable change in the use of mobile phones.

The TPM VIPNI professional computer phone concept

The TPM VIPNI professional computer phone concept

This concept does not take inspiration from any of the existing designs, and its features, aspects, and components belong to the future. Designer Imran Sheikh has given the concept name a clever touch, as when you turn the device 180 degress, you will read the name VIPNI as “INdIA.” Its main features are a blank button, keyboard, x86 on ARM concept, bottom line numeric keys for a semi-slide mode, split mouse, top-bottom design, central 3D camera placement, tap controlled UI, redesigned stylus, dual camera button, an all-new back cover and stand, and professional ports for multimedia professionals.

Mobikoma- Tablet Phone or Phone Tablet _1

Mobikoma- Tablet Phone or Phone Tablet

Mobikama is a tablet phone concept that is a brainchild of designer Kamil Izrailov. It a concept phone built from different modules that fasten on with the help of micro locks. Each module is individually powered, with its very own power supply and computing processor. People can choose modules as per their own choice and leave the ones they think are not useful for them.

Kambala phone concept


Ilshat Garipov is a designer who has come up with this amazing phone concept that can transform into an earpiece. When you pop the centerpiece, the earpiece clip comes out. Put the clip on your ear and use the phone as an earphone. The material used for its construction is the multilayered polymer. Kambala is also capable to perform a chameleon act, as the color of the phone blends with your skin tone whilst you use it as an earpiece.

BRIX mobile phone

BRIX mobile phone

BRIX is a concept designed with brick-like building blocks that have 1:2 ratio and can be combined with several BRIXs. One can join a personal multimedia mobile phone with some other person’s BRIX and can enjoy the bigger screen experience. Besides the normal features that mobile phones have, BRIX enables you to watch your favorite movies and play games with your friends and family at any place you like, and BRIX entitles you to achieve numerous combinations to suit your purpose.


Gadgets continue to evolve, and designers are ever thinking of new ways and ideas to make gadgets more functional and useful. The futuristic designs easily grab attention, mostly for the fantasy factor coupled with remarkable features.

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