Bikey urban vehicle is a hybrid of human and electrical energy

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Urban Transportation is dominated by cars most of which are occupied by a single driver or at the most one passenger. Addressing the issue, Swedish designer Bilgi Karanhas come up with a new hybrid urban transportation vehicle, the “Bikey,” to ensure comfort, safety and easy accessibility for the senior citizens who are most vulnerable to accidents with two-wheel bicycles. A hybrid of human energy and electrical energy, the city vehicle deploys an electric motor, which supports the user while increasing the range and comfort.

Including an adjustable upright seat to provide more stability and improve balance, the Bikey is very easy to get on and off, thanks to its heightened seat, in comparison to a regular bicycle. Its electric motor supports the user when he/she applies more power to the pedals, enabling the user to increase the range regardless of the muscular power. The hybrid vehicle can also be a good alternative for the individuals who seek comfort and environmental-friendliness at the same vehicle.

Embedding headlamp, controlled from the handlebars, into the body, the Bikey also features a central locking mechanism on the trunk lid. As soon as you turn the key, its wheels and trunk unlock at the same time. In addition, Bikey can be ridden with the arms in a resting position, as handle bars are placed underneath the seat for the ease of use. Linear pedaling system gives the user a more stable posture, which decreases the risk of excess stress on muscles, while the Bowden cable supplies the connection between the handlebars and the front wheel.

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[Thanks Bilgi]

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