Bring your gym bag down a size with Fit Kit

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Keeping your cellphone and keys intact while working out in a gym becomes a difficult task, as you have to juggle with your essentials and gym equipments. Have a look at the “Fit Kit,” which is a slim, sporty carrying case that wraps around your arm, water bottle, towel and mat to keep your gadgets or essentials together in one place. Presenting an adjustable neoprene strap with self-adhering Velcro, the Fit Kit also includes two compartments with waterproof zippers for storing your valuables safely. While on the other hand, a media compartment with protective hood and headphone holes stretches to fit almost all the phones and handheld devices. Users can place their ID cards, subway passes, etc. in a large pocket slot, and there are two small pocket slots for keys and headphones as well. Moreover, the sized-down gym bag sticks reflective detailing on the logo, pocket slots, and zipper pulls, allowing visibility during night jogs or strolls.

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Via: Quirky

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