Bubble-shaped ‘Fresh Water Factory’ uses mangroves to desalinate seawater

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Considering the fact that only one percent (approx) of fresh water is present on the earth in liquid form, the ghost of the water crisis can well be seen haunting the life worldwide in the days to come. Addressing the issue, designers at Design Crew for Architecture have designed a bubble-shaped skyscraper with natural systems that can desalinate seawater without any electricity consumption. Hailed as a freshwater factory, the eco tower makes use of a series of bubbles filled with water-filtering mangroves that convert saline water into drinking water in a sustainable manner. Moreover, the water can be used for irrigation.

Comprising a number of circular tanks filled with brackish water enclosed in spherical greenhouses, the sustainable skyscraper pumps up the brackish water, using tidal power, to circulate it through the mangrove plants that remove the salinity from water to be stored in freshwater tanks for consumption. If everything goes as it’s conceived, one hectare of mangroves should produce up to 30,000 liters of fresh water a day, which is adequate to irrigate one hectare of planted fields daily.

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Via: Inhabitat

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