Bud Table Light sprouts up to illuminate the dark times

bud main OX4SV 5784

A green (read real) bud signifies new life as well as growth. Feeding on sunlight and water these infant-staged plants grow to dole out more greens for our planet. Inspired by every bud’s distinctive shape, designer Pouyan Mokhtarani has given shape to the Bud Table Light. Made of a flexible material, it is uber easy to focus this bud light on the desired location. Completely portable, you can free it from the wires take it to bed under the sheets to read in secrecy. Dangle it from the wall to illuminate your favorite cacti plant or other out-of-the-box art work. However, this illuminating bud feeds on electrical juice and 14 LEDs emit light.

Table lamps have always been under the process of evolution to provide the most stylish yet handy brightness. And the Bud Table light promises much more than that.

bud  2 qKUZq 5784

bud3 YVEeF 5784

bud 2 nqiOk 5784

bud  3 g81t9 5784

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Thanks Pouyan Mokhtarani

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