Rotation City Bike: Unison of different cycles from Yirong Yang

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An international design challenge can bring together the best people from the world of designing making them draw lines and give shape to products never thought off. On similar lines, we have come across this truly appealing Bicycle design from designer Yirong Yang which was an entrant at the International Bicycle Design Challenge. Yirong’s design, Rotation – a city folding bike, is more of a combination between unicycle and bicycle. The rider can sway on choice as to what he has to ride and accordingly adjust the axis in between to give desired shape.

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Whilst it is a challenging unicycle for the adventurers, even the bicycle riders would adore it for its unique design. Taking this out on the city roads probably three decades from now would have people turning around in amazement.
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Most of the affixations you see on this city bike cum bicycle cum unicycle are adjustable be it the handlebar, the saddle or even the front wheel. When you are done with your riding routine you can simply fold it and walk away carrying it easily unlike the conventional ones, that have to be ridden at all times whilst you don’t intend to harness it.
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