Citroen Survolt: All-electric car blends style and power for a luxury ride

citroensurvolt 08

Displayed at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, the “Survolt” is an all-electric car concept from Citroen that presents an aerodynamic design combining “flowing lines (that) convey agility, precision and vitality – with a powerful, muscular character contained in its refined and luxurious frame.” Measuring 3.85 x 1.87 x 1.2m (LWH), the two-seater drawing inspiration from sports cars presents a sleek, compact and low-slung frame, while swooping lines and sweeping curves gives a sense of agility and dynamic performance. Featuring a complex design with numerous little styling details, the Survolt is a mix of “high fashion, extravagance and more than a hint of motor racing punch.”

citroensurvolt 01
citroensurvolt 02
citroensurvolt 03
citroensurvolt 04
citroensurvolt 05
citroensurvolt 06
citroensurvolt 07
citroensurvolt 09

Via: Jalopnik/Diseno-art

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