Classing up the cooking plate with design and style

Hot plates or cooking plates have always been essential for those who live in dorms or shared apartments. They can also simplify the life of individuals who live alone and does not get much time for regular cooking. The cooking plates make it easier for busy people to cook up a storm without wasting any time.

The home appliance designers and developers are now concentrating on designing cooking plates that offer extra features and benefits to the users. Here is a list of new cooking plate designs which you would definitely love to buy.

The +/- Hot Plate

Hot Plate

This hot plate looks like any normal white dinner plate, but it comes with intricate circuitry printed on it. Silk-screened gold and amorphic metal films make this hot plate unique but at the same time elegant. The plate is linked with a DC power outlet with the help of a power cord.

The printed circuit helps in heating and cooking the food. Though very convenient for quick cooking, it is not dishwasher safe due to the printed circuitry. Designed by Ami Drach and Dov Ganchrow, the plate was presented in an innovation contest named Dining In 2015.

The Jumble tabletop cooking plate The Jumble tabletop cooking plate

The Jumble is the ideal cooking plate for the lazy and occasional cooks. Essentially a set of tabletop cooking plates, it allows flexibility to the cook while cooking. Each of the cooking plates has its own temperature zone. You can control and maneuver it by using a remote control.

Which cooking zone you use will depend on what you are planning to cook and how. You can stir fry, boil, roast, and make curries with this cooking plate in the comfort of your drawing room.

Electrolux Mobile Induction Hot Plate Electrolux Mobile Induction Hot Plate  2

This new hot plate concept is very user friendly, as you can connect it with your Smartphone for precise cooking. This way you can use it from far away and keep it away from your children. The smartphone app for running the hot plate comes with NFC tags and offers much needed advices on how one can heat food properly.

Plate Cooker

Plate Cooker

Designed by Ranhee Chung, the Plate Cooker is another excellent cooking appliance that comes with grills inside. Mainly designed for warming up frozen food, it has different compartments for heating refrigerated food.

The new cooking plate designs are sleek and efficient. They can make cooking easier and less time consuming for the users.

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