Community Transit offers private commuting in public transport

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Inspired by both the structure and function of plant cells, designer Dave Owsen has popped up a public transport system that offers diverse options depending on the needs of people and businesses usage. Entitled the “Community Transit,” the new system will replace the bus systems with a more efficient and private “Cells,” which other than improving the current transport system will provide incentives for small business shipping and service industry distribution. Accommodating a couple with two small children, the cell offer more privacy and utilize a face-to-face configuration. A touch-screen interface built into the stationary wall surface lets the user select or direct route navigation with minimum fuss, while the cargo cells create incentive for small businesses peer-to-peer shipping that stimulates local business cooperation.

Featuring the opening identical to the dimensions of a shipping container door, a twenty-foot cell/container can easily hold five full loads without wasting space due to the shell’s modular dimension. The new transportation system will also include an organic dye, developed by MIT researchers, in the window material, concentrating light to the surface edge, where light will be captured and stored as electricity by solar cells bordering the surface. The Community Transit will make use of the two-rail design as it allows moving cells to bypass other cells that are arriving or departing from their destination.

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[Cheers Dave]

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