Costliest Designs in Condos

If you are looking for a condo, consider these. And for the maximum in money-sucking luxury, consider one of these luxury penthouses.


If you have been flipping through pages of real estate properties for some upscale condominiums, here are some plush penthouse options you may want to consider.

Tour Odeon

Extending across a whopping 33,000 square-feet and located in a 49-storied building among the top floors, the $380 million penthouse in Monaco is currently the costliest of its kind found across the world. The penthouse possesses six bedrooms and features a water slide that cascades down from its two-story height to fall directly into the infinity pool created below at the edge of the ocean.

The project was an initiative of ace architect Alexander Giraldi while the interiors of the penthouse have been conceived by Alberto Pinto Agency. Jean Mus, a landscape architect has been approached for designing the grounds.

The construction which began in 2009 is on the verge of completion with estimated date being July 2014.

The building which houses the penthouse Tour Odeon will tower to a height of 170 meters and will be the tallest skyscraper in Monaco and also rank among the tallest residential buildings of Europe.

Plush private apartments in the building are available in limited number each of which feature a complete 360 degree ocean view along with the areas around, views which can be beheld through windows running throughout the length from the ceiling down to the floor as well as from the sprawling terraces.

Each of the apartments will be brimming with amenities galore such as spa, business-center, 24 hour concierge services, retail stores of top-notch brands and leisure facilities. Not to speak of the extravagant fixtures and finishes, stunning bathrooms, home automation and well-accoutered kitchens- all of which will go to benefit Alberto Pinto, the owner of Europe’s premium interior agency.

Sky Mansion

Sky Mansion, Miami – $25 Million

Alex Birkenstock was in the news when he invested as much as $25 million on the “Sky Mansion” condo in Miami’s South Beach’s Continum Towers. The penthouse reverberates the true meaning of its name in every sense being a strikingly extravagant property with panoramic views at all sides like the Tour Odeon from the top floor.


Yorkville Four Seasons, Toronto – $28 Million

Opt for a condo amidst a luxury hotel chain such as Toronto’s top-notch Yorkville Four Seasons Hotel if you wish to splurge on your condo property to the dregs and enjoy luxury to the brim. You can get your hands on a condo which at one point of time sold at $28million encompassing the indulgences of both hotel rooms as well as residential penthouses.


$50 Million NYC Condo

The NYC Condo touch the $50 million mark happens to be one of the most posh and plush condos of New York embracing 2 bedrooms. Take a peek into its breathtaking views and ostentatious interiors and you will surely know why the price tag comes so high.

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