Electronic devices that accentuate your green thumb

Scientists and designers have come up with many flexible devices that not only help you save time but also help you go eco friendly. These devices ensure the sustainable use of natural resources and provide you an opportunity to go green without compromising the performance. Here we have a list of some green electronic devices that you should have in your home and work places to help sustain the environment.

Sustainable backpack

Gomadic Sun Volt

Sustainable backpacks are great gadgets that you must have in your collection. The unique design and technology used in the backpack makes it a sustainable product that can help you to go environment friendly. The wise use of solar energy in this product enables you charge any mobile gadget with the help of USB and normal charger. A number of companies, such as Gomadic Sun Volt and Voltac, offer off grid solar backpacks at affordable prices.



Solpro is a revolutionary product the gets energy from the sun. Based on the concept of solar energy and a mobile phone charging device, Solpro is an ideal product for those who love camping and outdoor activities. The product not only solves the problem of phone charging but also helps you to keep the environment clean and green. The pocket-sized product is easy to use and carry and it absorbs enough energy from the sun, just in 90 minutes, to charge various portable gadgets.

Energy harvesting rubber sheets

Energy harvesting rubber sheets  byYi Qi

Developed by a researcher named Yi Qi, the small silicone rubber sheet generates energy when you flex it. It can charge any device within in no time. The rubber sheet is very easy to install and care, as the combination of special materials enables it to generate energy. When you apply pressure to it, you can convert about 80 percent of the mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Energy conserving television

watching tv

A number of TV brands, including Panasonic, LG, Samsung, and more, offer power-conserving facility to its users. These televisions are able to reduce the consumption of electricity and help you to minimize annual electricity bill. Available in different sizes and designs, you can choose the right TV according to your needs or likings.

Going eco-friendly is not that bad option as it not only helps you to reduce the electricity consumption but also helps you to make the environment eco friendly. You can go for different sustainable products available at reasonable prices in the market.

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