Feechoo: Scratch and play MP3 Player

feecho mp3 concept 1
With modern trends in MP3 technology, hundreds of MP3 players hit the market every day and fade away as fast as they come, but there are exceptions that not just rule the stores but hearts, by adding meaning to your musical melodies as well. The brainchild of designer Tamer Koseli, a student of Fashion Design and Industrial Design at Anadolu University, Turkey, the “Feechoo” is an identical MP3 player that makes listening to the music more enjoyable by making the listeners an integral part of the music. Presenting compact dimensions (Height: 8mm and Diameter: 80mm), the portable player is finished with rubber at the bottom. Generating power from battery charger or computer, the Feechoo is partially green as it can also be powered by scratching the turquoise circle, on the surface, when you are away from your place. The turquoise circle becomes red to indicate the low battery. Now, no matter whether you are close to the charging unit, with Feechoo you may enjoy nonstop music anywhere, anytime.

feecho mp3 concept 2feecho mp3 concept 3feecho mp3 concept 4feecho mp3 concept 5

[Cheers Tamer]

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