Future of green fashion

Sustainable Fashion is making ways to support environmentalism and awareness about our impact on the environment in the way textiles are manufactured or by using eco-friendly fibers for making clothing.


Future of green fashion

  • What is it ? Sustainable fashion is apparel and clothing made of eco-friendly materials.
  • How green is it ? To call a product green, we have to keep a lot of factors in mind; how the product is manufactured, if the material it is made from is bio-degradable, the conditions of the people involved in producing it, etc. Cotton is organic but the process of growing it is certainly not as it uses a lot of pesticides and other chemicals. Bamboo fiber is organic since the tree requires no pesticides to be cultivated and regenerates easily. It is also bio-degradable. However a lot of harsh chemicals are used to transform hard bamboo into soft fiber. Hemp is also considered to be a good choice for an eco-friendly material for clothing but the growth of hemp is illegal in some countries. Hemp also does not require any insecticides or pesticides.

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  • Materials used – There are a lot of eco-friendly materials available to create eco-friendly clothing. Bamboo fiber is gaining favor with the manufacturers because of the plant’s natural tendency to grow really fast and regenerate, all without the use of chemicals and pesticides. Organic cotton is popular and so is hemp. Modal is a 100% bio-degradable fiber which is made from quality wood-pulp. Recycled fibers are also good for making eco-friendly clothing. They leave out the process of growing raw materials and transporting them to the place of manufacture. Recycling can save up to 15 times the energy which is otherwise used to incinerate the clothing disposed of.


  • What do the designers have to say ? Designers are welcoming the need for eco-friendly clothing at the present and promoting the same in fashion shows and weeks. Efforts are taken to minimize the harm on the environment to grow and manufacture the materials and clothing. Designers are also designing clothing which is modern and stylish instead of going for anything just because it is eco-friendly. If given a choice between an eco-friendly product and another similar product which is not eco-friendly, an eco-conscious individual will always go for the former one, even though it might cost him a bit more.
  • What else can be done ?  We should go for handmade clothing which is durable and lasts for years instead of clothing which we discard after a few times of use. It reduces wastage of mass production since handmade clothing is made in small quantities. Go for colorful clothing which is made from natural dyes.

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