Walk like an Egyptian with new Designs

Ah shoes! I know, most of the ladies reading this are probably having the same expression. There are so many accessories in the world and yet, nothing beats the thrill of buying a new pair of shoes.

It could be anything, boots, heels, casual shoes, formal shoes or even the very simple bunny shoes. The bottom line is that, shoes are loved by every woman in the world. However, some of us are rather unfortunate to have feet and choices, which point at different directions.

Yes ladies, I am talking about the different shoes, which you like but cannot buy or wear since you were born with feet wider than the normal and standard Barbie Feet. It did irk me to no end, until there was some frantic movement and yes, shoes for women born with wide feet can be bought today.

The Unique Designs

If money is not a problem with you, you will love buying shoes with different prints and different designs. However, for those who are somewhat unfortunate, such as me, finding something good at affordable prices could be a bit of a problem.

Nevertheless, all that you have to do is remember that it is not what you think looks good; it is how you make it look good. For one, you can choose shoes with new materials such as jute.

Shoes made out of jute are not only durable, but also great to look at and are affordable. If you are the athletic type, find and stock up on shoes, which cushion your feet and keep odor at bay. Though it is always prudent to keep at least a pair or two of crazy printed stilettos, make sure that you do not flaunt them at the cost of your comfort.

Fashion and Passion

Yes ladies, it is important to choose shoes, which are fashionable. However, that does not mean that you have to invest in branded shoes all the time. Take my cue and start hunting down in backyard sales and open markets.

Trust me, there is so much that you can find. All sorts of crazy stuff and if you are lucky enough, maybe you will get some vintage shoes as well. Even if you buy shoes from shops, make sure that it has something, which will complement you and of course stand out.

For example, it could be shoes with quotes or some unique print. If you are the kind who likes to experiment, gunmetal heels, some mirrors and fabricated shoes should intrigue you.

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