Amazing Designs of Dressers that are Tech-fed

[box_dark]What does fashion design essentially mean?[/box_dark]

Fashion design is a form of art. It essentially involves application of design and aesthetics to garments and accessories associated with it like footwear, jewelry, belts, clutch bags so on and so forth. The trend these days is to basically, create designs that are aesthetically appealing as well as wearable in day to day life and at times wearable on certain occasions. A lot of thought is put by designers in creating each and every piece of garment.

A lot of factors have been taken into consideration. The current fashion scene, peoples taste, climate, colors and garment being used, the purpose of creating a certain design. Sometimes designs are driven by fashion and at times designers drive the trends. The fashion market works both ways. Worldwide fashion has been broadly categorized into three main categories:

  • Haute Coture: Until 1950’s each garment was made and manufactured basis on made to measure or Haute couture. The term is essentially a French word. In a way the garment was created for a specific client. The trend is still very much there, the garment is customized for a certain consumer and is made usually with good quality expensive fabric and also sewed  with extreme attention to detail and finish. Look and fit usually supersede everything else in this case.
  • Ready to wear
  • Mass Market


[box_dark]Body of work of present day designers.  [/box_dark]   

Fashion in the present age has become versatile like never before. Designers today are unimaginably creative. They are dressing people totally out of the box. There was a trend when designers were creating designs that were meant purely for the ramp and just not suitable for day to day wear. However, designers today though creating out of the box designs with an edge are at the same time ensuring that their designs are wearable in day to day life. That is what is called intelligent fashion. Off late technology has indeed become a vital part of our day to day lives and technology is largely present in all spheres of our life. We are using technology at home, in our kitchen, in our offices even in our clothes. It is kind of inseparable from the human species. It is no surprise that even garment designs are these days largely inspired by technology.

[box_dark]Tech-Fed Designs[/box_dark]

In recent times a whole new breed of designers have come up whose design sense is totally inspired by technology.  As they say, geeks always remain geeks. Now how does this apply here. Well geeks are present in all fields besides engineering as well. Fashion design is not a secluded field when it comes to garment design. These people are so tech-savvy that even their designs are inspired by technology. There are garments designed these days inspired by popular social networking websites. The dresses are quite stylish and wearable. The dress has been designed using the same color code that the website depicts. Besides, it also has the site monogram and name very stylishly embodied into the dress design. This range has dresses inspired by websites like Yahoo, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Mega Upload, Google, MSN and DeviantArt. The dresses are quite elegant and fashionable. The dress inspired by twitter has a little bird around the waistline,YouTube inspired dress has a time tracker and the iconic F of the facebook flows down from the dress inspired by Facebook. All these website inspired dresses are elegant flowing evening gowns which are quite sexy and stylish and have colors and prints inspired from the websites.

There are tech-print designs also which are in vogue these days. For example, dresses with graphic prints, dresses that use nails, zips, screws are all inspired by some or the other form of technology.

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