Guy-friendly designs- The man cave moves out of the basement

[box_dark]Changing pattern of the home designs- Taking the manlier approach [/box_dark]

New home designs have entered the market and is spreading like wildfire. Guy friendly designs have become the top most choice for people who want to have a manlier look to their apartment or homes. Recently, in Toronto, a condominium was designed in the same manner, which is stated to be more man friendly. The new design that has been put into use has a Bulls Vs Bear Room, video golf simulator, big screen TV, foosball table, poker room along with a big lounge. The designers who were involved in making this design possible stated that, they have been working on this new concept since few years and finally they had the chance to experiment it on the INDX Condo in the financial district.

[box_dark]Concentrating on the male factor[/box_dark]

The makeover of the condominium will be starting from next year onwards and all the plans have been finalized. President of the company, which is involved in the makeover of the place, had stated that, they are using more earth rich colors for the home that is to be renovated. The design that has been made is more into the feeling of manhood. Look and feel of every cabinet or unit that will be designed will show its worthiness as a man centric place. Leather bound books along with mahogany wooden furniture will enhance the new manly designs. Even the finishing of the place has been kept rich and perfect to suit the man centric requirement.

The building that will have the new makeover is specially targeted towards the busy and young professionals who are working in the city core. Single men need a place for themselves where they can relax after their office hours or work without any disturbance and the place that has been designed would be perfect for them. Company, which is involved in making the designs possible have stated that, they have taken the inspiration from various aspects that lead towards creating a man centric place for living. As the designs are having rich earthly colors, it can be seen that the era of caves have made a comeback. The designers who are involved in making the man centric place for living have said that, they are taking use of the eco friendly products for designing the home so that it does not create any threat to the environment.

[box_dark]Designing it the men’s way[/box_dark]

As men have always been more active in selecting the choices for their living spaces, the market is responding to it in a positive manner. It was during the era of 90s that the man centric designs kept only to the basement, but now it has come up to the living rooms and is loved by the users. If truth were told, look at trendy invent tendency, from rough around the edges domesticated furnishings to industrialized fashion bistro, and you may possibly distinguish how a person centric artistic currently update various spaces. There has been no particular definition given to the designer trends for men to decorate the living room. However, the market is taking up the trend at a rapid pace as it is offering more of home décor products, which are male-centric.

The marketing of the new designs have already begun and has been more into targeting the male population. The companies have also stated that, along with men, women are also taking a lot of interest in the designs. Not just in Toronto, but across the nation, home designer companies are focusing on the need of men so that they can provide them with what they require. Even the furniture manufacturing companies are taking the views of men for having new male concentrated designs as the designs are now becoming manlier.

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