Futuristic capsule hotel blends design and tech for guests’ comfort

9h 01

Capsule hotels have become quite popular around the world after their origin from Japan. So, what’s new with the capsule hotel by Panasonic, “9h” (nine hours)that is opening next December in Kyoto? Created by ingenious designers Masaaki Hiromura and Takaaki Nakamura, the hotel features a hi-tech black panel dubbed the “sleeping environment system” that offers the best and perfect atmosphere for your eight hours of sound sleep. This futuristic hotel will open only at night, allowing you an hour to bathe and relax and the rest to sleep. A blend of contemporary design, comfort and technology is what that makes this design unique and appealing. Its tiny and compact rooms are totally focused on the comfort level of the guests confirming to the technical dynamics. Your excitement can be overwhelmed by having a glimpse of this design at Tokyo’s axis gallery on August 19.

9h 02

Via: Superfuture/ Dvice

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