Giving Shelter to the Poor using Bottles

creating a house with bottles 59

With the raw material prices for construction always on a high, I think using something as uncanny as disposed bottles to raise a dwelling won’t be all that bad an idea. Especially for those poor people who fail to even afford a roof above their heads, this Idea from Matt Naples and Peter Zummo could change their lives for ever. From furniture to a decent dwelling it could all be done using discarded water bottles.

Not only would this thought help the poor to arrange a small dwelling for themselves but it would also please the environmentalists as this would eradicate the problem of indisposed garbage in the form of plastic bottles.

These specially designed bottles are the key to achieving all that is mentioned above. Taking cue from the Legos these bottles stack up to create any form that one can imagine and that to more sturdier than the plastic toys it takes hints from. They can either be fixed one atop the other in a straight-line or a plus sign can be made using the notched middles. These bottles when filled with sand or any other material turn as sturdy as a normal brick and thus are capable of raising small size huts which could eventually be waterproof considering the material.

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